We live in a world where thousands of companies and brands are competing for sales and promotion every day. More and more experts take care of the specific issues relating to a particular social media. They are trying to find answers on how to get a lot of followers on Instagram, how to manage online customer reviews on Facebook, what are the best ways to increase the popularity of Youtube channel, how to use Google plus for business and so on and so forth.

If customers say something about a product, it means that they are interested in it. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if their comments are negative or positive. Marketers begin to work with customer reviews and manage them with a passion, understanding how important it is for loyalty, customer growth and profit increase.

In this article we will share useful facts that you need to know about the review marketing in general and online reviews, including how to get more benefits using them.

The power of customers reviews

Marketers and sales managers can talk a lot that their brand is the best in the world. But no one will reply. Customers trust customers. If they get an authoritative opinion from the same people as they are, then immediately begin to trust.

Ask your friends or colleagues: When have you checked any review or feedback last time? No doubt, that more than a half will say that they always try to read reviews and comments before spending money.

According to the recent research published on SearchEngineLand.com, 88% of customers trust online reviews.

Social media customer review statistics

It’s true, many customers check online marketing reviews and recommendations before buying products or seeking services. It helps to determine advantages or shows how to overcome product defects and drop negative, if necessary.

Facebook customer review of a Vet clinic

Why is it important to use advantages of customer reviews on social media?

Social media platforms are the most appropriate channels for posting reviews. Users often spend a lot of time online and it is not difficult for them to write a comment. Review management has become an important marketing tool that helps to control public opinion. In addition, with the help of reviews, you can speed up feedback.

Today famous social media platforms as Twitter or Facebook are quite popular places to post customers comments or reviews. They show their real attitude. Besides, many of them add a customer picture or video message. It provides credibility by showing why people prefer your products or service. It is quite a good way to catch the eye of a potential customer.

For example, Facebook allows to share customers experience with others using reviews option with star rating system. People can test products and services, sharing their opinions. Besides, it helps to find out new sides of brands and show them to readers. It’s easy to find this option on the main page of a profile.

If you are an owner or administrator of your brand’s profile, do not forget to view all notifications and read customer reviews on a regular basis. It can save you from negative stories.

Gym customer review on Facebook

Helpful Facebook reviews of a gym

You can try special marketing tools and platforms, that can help you to analyze online reviews. The most famous are Topsy, Social Mention, Me on the web, IFTTT, Ice Rocket, etc. They can be used to assess the reputation of the brand and to take measures in case of negative reviews.

You can schedule posts with your customer messages, using social media scheduling tools.

Reviews management as a great way to attract new customers

“Your most unhappy customers are the most important source for the study”.

Bill Gates

Reviews on social media are the most sincere and effective feedback that we can imagine. This kind of communication may attract targeted traffic. On the other hand, it can destroy the positive reputation of any company. That’s why it’s too important to manage them.

Today many brands try to show off reviews to increase loyalty and to get closer to their customers. Also, it’s quite a good chance to attract attention of new readers, if the review is nice.

You have to ask your customer, who has posted a comment for permission to repost it. If there is an agreement, feel free to publish it and get profit!

Schedule these kinds of posts with KUKU.io!

Facebook customer review of the Olympic gym

One more case of review management is work with reviews of famous people, which can provide additional popularity to a brand. This kind of review management becomes a separate marketing tool today. For example, some companies try to attract well-known bloggers to get the “star” comments to a product or service.

a review of a blogger on Facebook

The following tips of customer review management will help to diversify the marketing strategy and ensure the growth of your target audience. (social analytics tools will help to evaluate the results).

How to increase brand promotion, using customer reviews on social media

1. Track reviews, ratings and comments everywhere. It seems like it’s not an easy issue. However, you can easily check up and keep in mind any websites, where reviews about your product can be located. Creating a simple list of these sites, you will get a habit to check them regularly. (By the way, there are special services that allow you to track mentions and consumer reviews online on social networks). The more profiles on social platforms your brand will have, the more effective ways you will get to track customers feedback . 

Barber shop review on Facebook

2. Don’t ignore negative reviews and try to handle each of them. Every negative review is a valuable and unique opinion of your customer. Actually, it’s better than nothing.

However, try to imagine how fast one small negative review can sink a huge ship. If the situation is critical, you need to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Do you remember any interesting stories with positive or negative reviews? Feel free to share them in comments

DD negative customer review on Facebook

Let’s refer to an interesting statistic. According to one recent experiment with books sales, positive reviews can increase sales with gains from 32% to 52%. Negative reviews can drop them of about 15%.

But can you imagine that a bad review becomes the reason for rising sales by 45%? The authors of the research say that it depends on how deeply customers aware of the product. In the case of the book review, the comment of one of the readers was so vivid and intriguing that many people wanted to read the book themselves.

Remember: quick response will make your customer feel like he/she is important to you. It will make a positive impression to readers when they see your attitude.

3. Share both positive and negative reviews on your social media profiles. It will show your honesty. Do not forget to track responses to your posts and be ready to continue communications.

Some buyers like to write reviews a lot. Make some efforts to communicate with them and you’ll get great brand ambassadors. Posting their reviews, you’ll increase customer engagement and encourage them to buy.

The more facts you can measure with the help of reviews you posted, the faster you can understand what is working well in your business and what isn’t.

Some social media propose the interesting tools and features to work with reviews. For example, Facebook allows to use Saved Replies for the answers to customer messages. It can really help to save your time and simplify the process of communication.

A customer review of a hotel on Facebook

Summarizing these tips, we can find out that show-off reviews can help to attract new customers and manage their behavior. By the way, you can choose not only social media to share marketing reviews. Use promotional emails as well. It will encourage customers to buy your products on a site.

Let us know if you have interesting stories about how customer reviews help or make harm.

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