Any partnership in business has individual traits and own backgrounds. Someone tries to find new channels and ways of development while the other person comes to integration with a partner as a forced step.

An ideal affiliate program is the one that evolves and supplements sales. Building your business based only on partnership is kind of risky thing because one of the companies can quickly become dependent on a partner and lose its goals and a strategy. In this article – all about partner relations according to a White Label model.

White Label concept has come to our brains quite recently. We will try to dive into this concept together with a company that has already implemented a White Label program. It offers this beneficial cooperation to their partners and may share some interesting insights.

Why it can be interesting? And what is the target audience? Let’s sort it out together with a global travel company Fit Reisen.

White Label experience in business

White Label is about mutual benefits

White Label is a model of cooperation between several companies. It implies the sale of services or products under the brand of a vendor and turns out by the resources of another company.

Nowadays this type of interaction is mostly used by companies with huge customer bases and establishment in the market. In other cases, the model works less efficiently.

Why do businesses choose partnership programs?

Each brand has its own roots. In general, the  reasons for using White Labeling look like this:

  • A company does not have a sufficient budget for marketing but its goods are worth to be interesting for potential partners.
  • A company has enough budget for marketing and there is time for it. But sales’ potential has exhausted itself. In this case partnership is like a new breath that does not change a working direction but perfectly complements and evolves the business.
  • A company wants to gain a new market and beat competitors. Partners open up new opportunities and reach a new target audience.
  • A company totally consists of developers and there is no one to deal with marketing and sales issues.

White LAbeling in business promotion

Tatjana Glinskaya, Fit Reisen travel company:

“We are a global touristic company that offers a unique product on the international market and any partnership program, including White Label is an integral part of our promotion.

White Label solution is a great opportunity for partners to expand their offers and become more interesting and attractive for their consumers /users (particularly suitable for tourism industry). Furthermore, a partner gets an attractive fee.


The main advantage of our search mode is the expanded detailed menu where clients may compile their own tour from multiple parameters (travel direction, medical сonditions, special food, hotels’  arrangement, sports activities, etc.). After that, they can book a tour online or send a non-binding request. All relevant prices can be found online. Fit Reisen is represented in many markets that’s why we propose White Label Solution in many languages. This is rather convenient for partners and final customers.


However there are some drawbacks concerning White Label. Many partners think that after White Label implementation, their business will rise up immediately and there will be immediate income profusion. However they do nothing for the correct White Label positioning at all.


Actually, a partner site should correspond to the level of the product proposed. It’s rather important to fill it with useful content, keep it relevant and optimize in the network. In this case, White Label Solution will work.

We always follow new trends in SPA and wellness recreation sphere, pay attention to marketing and IT innovations. Partners should also pay attention to the promotion of White Label Solution itself. This is really about the cooperation of two sides.


In modern society and rapidly evolving technical world, White Label becomes an indispensable tool for small businesses success (small agencies, bloggers, online shops, etc.) It is a convenient, quick and simple solution satisfying the needs of users”.


Fit Reisen White Label experience

What are the benefits of White Label for partners?

Each company working by a White Label model, offers individual conditions for partners. But most often, White Label implies the following benefits:

  • Quick launch. A partner can provide a new type of services in a short time and, thereby, quickly improve competitiveness in the market. The time for developing and testing a new product using White Label is 2-5 times less than for developing and testing your own solution.
  • New target audiences. A seller of the solution can get additional income from client’s clients and enter new markets. A buyer can expand the functionality of the product and attract users.
  • Possibility of integration. Often, ready-made services can be easily adapted and incorporated into existing partners platforms. For example, into billing or delivery systems.
  • Ready infrastructure. A party purchasing a ready product does not need to involve an extra budget in the initial stages of release and support, pay for additional specialists. The cost of independent development usually exceeds the purchase price of the ready solution by 2-7 times, depending on the region.
  • Additional support. Often the qualified specialists may support a partner. In case of difficult situations, this additional support line will help to solve them faster.
  • Reducing the outflow of a customer base. Customer loyalty will increase if a service provider offers more options. So customers will not need to look for other providers.
  • Branding. The service purchased by a partner can be executed in its corporate style and can be installed on its domain.
  • Flexible pricing. Typically, companies implementing White Label solutions offer flexible costs and discounts. It depends on the volume of sales. The final retail price forms independently for customers.
  • Postpaying option. A partner can provide services and accept customer payments using postpaying option.

How companies and brands use White Label

Is White Label for short time?

Some people think that the main drawback of White Labeling is that a partner who  sells a product under its own brand, reduces the focus on its own branding.

You can quickly get money – it sounds quite perspective but  for a short-term period. However your brand can just stop evolving with a long interaction. Anyway the popularity of White Label is growing every day.

KUKU.io has begun offering White Label cooperation this year.

Today different businesses actively come to social networks, which become an indispensable channel for sales and promotion. Therefore, the option for social media posting, detailed analytics and convenient content calendar greatly simplify the life of marketers.

KUKU.io White Label integration can be interesting to companies from any industry and different regions. For the product, it’s first of all a new audience.

Any KUKU.io module (analytics, posting or a calendar) can be embedded into your existing product. Besides, the additional features can be added. Just 1 or 2 months and a partner will get a unique SMM-product to be sold under own brand.

We often have negotiations with financial, media, advertising companies to create their own services for working with social networks. It seems that White Label is going to be trendy for some following years. That’s why we are looking for new partnerships and fruitful cooperation.

KUKU.io White Label solution

As you can see, White Label is actively gaining confidence among various industries and is not going to disappear from the sites. How do you assess this kind of cooperation? Did you have the experience? Feel free to share your insights.


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