KUKU.io continues to improve the social media analytics functionality and availability. Today’s update will help to track clicks, get detailed content plan analytics and reach on Facebook.

Conversion on social media: it’s easy to track clicks

We should care of conversion. If users buy with the help of your site, it is rather pointless to manage social networks without tracking clicks. To avoid any routine, we’ve made a convenient chart that shows ALL clicks for selected social media by days.

Clicks oper day in KUKU.io analytics

If I make several posts, how should I know which post collects more clicks?

It’s kind of easy: click on any column you are interested in and you will see all the posts made on that day. Here’s how it looks:

Analytics py posts KUKU.io update

How to analyze my content plan?

KUKU.io content-plan helps not only to plan publications and mark them with tags. Actually,  how to know which columns work best? And what posts in which categories have distinguished themselves in the best way?

Let’s consider the following charts to evaluate the profit of the whole content plan, find out which tags are the most popular and which ones are simply ignored.

Engagement by tags

Here you can see the analytics of tags:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Clicks

If you work with the content plan regularly, this tool will be a necessity for you to assess the effectiveness of your work.

how to analyze content plan with KUKU.io

Do not forget that using “By posts” tab you can also see the information about clicks, shares, likes, comments, and engagement for each post from tags.

Sort your posts by tags with KUKU.io

Trend of the year: work with reach, not with subscribers

You’ve probably noticed that all news on Instagram, Facebook, VKontakte and Twitter come without any chronological order. This means that not all of your subscribers see your posts. However, it’s good to know the reach.

This complex chart combines the reach from advertising, organic, viral and general.

How to track page reach?

What is the difference between reach by posts and reach of the page?

On Facebook, people can mostly reach pages than posts. You can view the pages in recommendations on other business pages, on the right feed with your friends’ acts (that is called Ticker), as well as the advertising of the page.

KUKu.io analytics update

In fact, you may have hundreds of subscribers, but the reach of this page will be more than a thousand. Although more often the opposite happens (thanks to Facebook).

There is one interesting moment: if you publish often, you will have the high reach of the page, but low one for posts. And vice versa: with infrequent posting – the high reach of posts.

What is unique reach?

The difference between reach and unique reach is quite simple: when we talk about reach, we mean impressions. When it comes to unique reach, we mean live people.

It means that the same person can see an advertising post 7 times. Here advertising reach is 7, and the unique advertising reach is only 1.

New KUKU.io analytics opportunities

Well, was it easy? 🙂

We hope that with the new KUKU.io update your efforts on social networks will get a qualitative assessment and in-depth analysis. We will be happy to get your comments.

Enjoy your posting!

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