When can I post to Instagram with KUKU.io?

We have read this line for hundreds of times, it was written on our hearts and we were dreaming about the moment we can answer: “You can!”. And this moment has finally come.

Posting to Instagram is officially available in KUKU.io. Now you can create scheduled posts for Instagram from the desktop and be sure your Instagram account is 100% safe.

Schedule posts

Posting rules of Instagram

We respect the rules of Instagram, which do not allow posting from any third-party services. Unfortunately, the majority of the posting apps store users’ Instagram login and password and post on their behalf.

Is it secure? Of course not, and Instagram cares about users’ security. What can happen? When other apps post to users’ Instagram profiles on their behalf, Instagram reserves the right to block the connected accounts.

The app that sends notifications

The solution is KUKU.io extension for mobile devices that does not post on your behalf but sends you a notification when the posting time comes. It also automatically uploads a scheduled image and copies a text. So basically all that remains to do for you is to tap “Publish”.

The app is available for Android only and can be downloaded from the Google Play – KUKU.io – Instagram.

iOS users, we remember about you! The iOS application will be available within the next two months.

How will KUKU.io know where to send notifications?

To start receiving notifications, all you need to do is to sign into your KUKU.io account from a mobile app. That will help us to synchronize Web and Android applications and send you posting notifications accurately.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to set it up:

1. Connect your Instagram profile to KUKU.io web application by choosing Instagram from a list of the supported networks.

2. Install the application on your Android device if you haven’t done it yet.

Сonnect instagram app KUKU.io

Now you need to connect two apps – web and android – with each other. We provide two quick ways: you can scan a QR code or enter your login details.

3. Choose the sign-in method which is more convenient for you.

4. If you choose to sign in with QR code, just scan a code you see on the second step with your device.

KUKU.io - Instagram scheduling

Apps are synchronized! Now you can start scheduling Instagram posts.

How do I schedule an Instagram post?

As you installed an app on your device, now you can schedule your first post. In KUKU.io, you can schedule posts on Instagram alongside with other posts to other networks – the process is exactly the same.

For Instagram, we suggest that you create a post with a square image and text. To make your post look solid, you can also add hashtags, emoji and mention other people.

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Once a post is created, it’s time to schedule it. Click the clock icon and choose a date and time.

Instagram posting with KUKU.io

If you are managing Instagram profile as a part of a social media channel, then you can set a posting schedule for it. In this case, you will no longer need to choose a posting time manually. When you create a new post, the closest available time will be offered automatically.

How do I accept a notification and publish a post?

When you schedule a post, we store it on our side until the time comes to publish it and send you a notification 1 minute before the predefined time.

You may not worry about the internet connection as we upload posts to the Android app frequently enough to make sure you will receive a message even your phone is in the offline mode.

Tin-tin! Once a notification is here, all you need to do is to tap it and follow quick steps.

KUKU.io will upload the attached image to Instagram automatically, and the text will be copied to the clipboard. Remember to enter the text to the Instagram text field before sharing a post. Once ready, publish a post.

Posting process to Instagram with social media tool KUKU.io

That is it!

We really hope you will enjoy how easy it is to schedule posts on Instagram and 9 other social media networks with KUKU.io. And while you are exploring the Instagram posting, we continue working on the iOS app and some new features (you can also try a project scheduling software):

advanced social media analytics, polls, and video posting.

Schedule social media posts for each account

Have you already tested Instagram posting out? If you have any ideas or suggestions or experience any problems with it, we would really like to hear from you. Just share your thoughts in comments or drop us a line at support@kuku.io. Thank you!

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