As mobile cameras have changed the notion of traditional photography, Instagram opportunities have recently changed the notion of traditional social media channels.

For many marketers, public relation specialists and social media users, who were fighting for followers and likes on Facebook or Twitter, studying Google Plus tips to enhance SEO yesterday and using social media analytics tools to track their results in these social media networks, today “How to get more followers on Instagram?” is one of the hottest issues.

It sounds quite logical: Instagram is the most popular and trendy social media network today, according to the last researches. It doesn’t matter whether you are trying to learn how to get more Instagram likes or followers for your private purposes or how to get more followers on Instagram for business, – basic principles are very similar.

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An increasing number of companies from all over the world come to the conclusion, that Instagram can be an excellent channel to get motivated traffic and to attract real active followers. That is why many brands try to find the easiest way to get followers on Instagram. An important and pressing issue – How to get a lot of Instagram followers? – is added to agenda of both small and big companies which got used to taking advantage of social media management tools and an answer to this question is put to strategic plans.

Reebok Russia picture

Brands, celebrities, and even simple social network users dream about getting more Instagram followers because it looks like it is the key to their success. If you are a marketing person, you probably want your product or service to be more popular and get some benefits. A free Instagram follower is one of these benefits.

If you admit that your Instagram account looks empty and colorless and Instagram analytics tools don’t show any movements forward, so what are you waiting for?

Take a look at following tips on how to get more followers on Instagram and attract their likes.

Start with a specific plan on how to find Instagram followers

How to get a lot of Instagram followers? A good plan is 50% of success. It is better to think about details, risks and a likely reaction on your posts in advance.

All steps are interrelated on Instagram. If an owner of a profile wants to gain new followers, he/she should learn basic rules on how to be a great photographer, a competent designer, and an experienced PR-specialist. Some skills of a good psychologist and strategist will also play in your favor.

All these qualities will help you to get Instagram followers online.

This follower-gaining challenge is not for a day or week. It will take much longer to achieve success on Instagram. If you want to find the right plan to achieve your goals and get free Instagram followers, you should think carefully about every step and every action for a few months in advance. You can arrange your own research and think about how you will be able to promote and advertise your product on Instagram. It is important to understand from the very beginning  what type of advertising you’ll use and how it will be promoted. Are you going to use activations and are you planning to spend any budget for such advertising? etc.

How to get Instagram followers KUKU.io tips

Start your day and fall asleep with Instagram

It is rather important to be active on Instagram. If you are responsible for a brand on Instagram or if you care about self-promotion, you’d better wake up and fall asleep with your Instagram profile. 

This does not mean you should behave like a robot and forget about your real life. Those companies which have successful Instagram profiles and personalities who are proud of their Instagram pages, get real pleasure and do not feel burdened.

Instagram users prefer content that engages and shows a personality. No doubts that it’s not interesting to follow and like impersonal and boring pictures. That’s why it’s a good idea to complement your content with personal images, pictures of colleagues, reports from company events, etc. This will add real personification to a profile.

For example, some companies or advertising agencies give the right to administer a corporate profile to colleagues, one by one. It can last a few days or even a month. Everyone can add a lively energy and personalized and fresh content to the account. And it works!


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Ideal portrait of followers or How to get more Instagram followers for your business?

Naturally, you have no chance to ask your competitors directly: “How do you get more Instagram followers?” That’s why you have to be guided by your own knowledge and skills.

An ideal follower is an active, sympathetic and responsive person. This person will always anticipate your next photo striving to be first to like or comment. Be sincere and honest with them and try to do everything to keep them engaged, if you are really interested in it.

In fact, everyone who wants to know the way how to get more Instagram followers exactly dreams about at least 4 ideal acts of potential followers.

Four acts of an ideal follower:

  • Follow me
  • Like my pictures
  • Comment my posts
  • Buy my products

Defining your goals and ambitions is a good background before creating or optimizing your profile.

Important milestones before posting:

  • Choose an appropriate Instagram name that will be easy to recognize. With the help of this name, you can describe who you are and what your ambitions are to your potential followers. Don’t hesitate to use your nick or unreal name – it doesn’t matter because your main goal is to get more followers on Instagram.

Instagram picture with not original name

  • Create a biographical story, even if you’re presenting a brand, that would make people feel that they know you and want to like or follow you.

biographical story from the Instagram profile

  • Upload the first photo (let it be) selfie. It can be fun and without any meaning, it’s just should be a sincere act from your side and show a face of your brand.

Selfie with a brand from Instagram

  • Make a research and take a deep look at your competitors. Choose the most interesting Instagram profiles as an example for you. Finally, ask your friends and colleagues from related spheres: “How do you get more Instagram followers?”

Competitors Instagram picture

Once you’ve added your profile, it’s high time to publish first images and learn how to get Instagram followers. So let’s figure out how to become popular on Instagram by learning to tell a story with your pictures and how to make the Instagram profile look great and attractive.

Before posting any kind of pictures or information, create a portfolio. It’s not a secret that nobody is going to follow an unattractive and empty profile. 10-20 attractive pictures should be enough for a good start and will help to add followers to Instagram.

If you want to gain followers on Instagram, remember that it’s better to post nothing than to post boring or low-quality pictures.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have or what your goals are – the pictures should be detailed. Such elements as composition, color balance, tones, and locations of each part should be taken into account.

OleiBjorndalen Instagram picture Red Sox picture

If you have a chance, add some common pictures that can be surely popular among Instagram users. Sunsets and mountain ranges, cats and children’s games (unless they can be applied to your business) will certainly help you to know how to get followers on Instagram. These types of pictures do really well on Instagram.

Cats of Instagram picture Amazing Instagram sunset

High-quality pictures – the right way to success

Well, it seems like we have everything for a successful start, so let’s move on!

Many sites and open sources advice on how to improve photography skills (and consequently how to get more followers on Instagram). You can post low-quality images, and that’s a way you will reach no results. But it’s pretty much in your power to take just 2-3 beautiful and bright pictures per day that will help you to gain likes and new followers.

Mobile pictures can be well-composed as any other pictures. Here you can find some tips on how to get most out of your mobile images:

  1. Be sure to light all subjects well. If you have a possibility, shoot outside or turn on the light when shooting in a room. Avoid direct sunlight. Most of the mobile cameras have a flash or a light that can add clarity, even if you’re shooting outside. If there is no flashes or lights, just try to avoid shooting into bright lights.

       2. Forget about Zoom, just get closer directly to your subject. Getting too close to the subject provokes some distortion. Applying photo editing settings you can always edit your pictures later.


      3. Test your mobile camera settings. Use positive and negative spaces, change colors. Add shapes and patterns to raise up compositional interest. Change perspectives, use appropriate filters. Sometimes the best filter is no filter. But often filter opportunities can really add bright colors and the expressiveness to any boring picture.

Filters Instagram picture

      4. Remember the rule: shoot now, edit later. Editing pictures right away, you can miss a lot of interesting points and events (yeap, even these minor things can influence follower growth rate and help you to find one additional tip on how to get more Instagram followers).

bike, moments

5. Try to become the source of inspiration for your followers, they will appreciate this effort. Develop your creative skills.

Instagram inspirational picture

This is just a small list of tips that will make your pictures more attractive and will help you to find the best way to get more Instagram followers.

And the main thing – have fun taking pictures! It is obvious that you always carry your phone with you, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sometimes companies lose their followers because they do not think about kinds of pictures they upload. You have to be careful with the meanings and concepts. Try not to upload pictures that may somehow disturb someone’s peace of mind, discriminate or offend someone (unless provocation – is your middle name).

Now you’ve uploaded your attractive pictures and made your profile interesting. We are getting closer to the answer “How do people get thousands of followers on Instagram”. The next step is attracting attention that can help to increase Instagram followers. And you have several ways to do it.

More hashtags – more ways to gain followers on Instagram

Every your picture can be accompanied by hashtags and very short messages as a part of the Instagram content. They will help to organize and divide pictures or video into categories.

Adding some hashtags to your pictures is one of the ways to get Instagram followers free. Relevant hashtags can help to get more likes on your post, but often they don’t keep people to come back.

Hashtags can move to another platform. If someone shares your picture from Instagram on Facebook, the hashtag is published together with it. And it’s quite a good chance to gain new followers. All tags should be appropriate and relevant, but do not create a cemetery with hashtags under your pictures. It always looks unnatural.

Here you can find examples of 3 free tools, which help to find images and posts by hashtags not only on Instagram, but also on the other resources.

  • Tagboard. It allows analyzing and evaluating the popularity of tags.
  • Ritetag. It proposes a large database of tags and describes statistics in detail.
  • Tagdef. Can be also used to search and analyze tags, as well as to find out the popularity of tags and the most active users.

Find more about the Instagram analytics in KUKU.io.

How to gain followers and likes on Instagram? Involve and Activate!

People who know something about you from other social networks are potential candidates to become your followers. Just let them know that you’re now an Instagram user. Share a post inviting friends to follow. Besides, do not forget to comment and like pictures of people you start following.

It seems like a rule: if you leave a positive natural comment, you have good chances to be followed. The author of a picture will probably check your own profile. And if your profile suits his/her interests, you’ll definitely get a follower.

However, your comments must be targeted. It’s only reasonable to leave comments on posts of people or brands who have high chances to become your Instagram free followers.

So if you produce pasta, you could search for hashtags such as #pasta, #italianfood, #restaurants, etc. And people who post pictures with these hashtags will enjoy your profile and become your followers.

Different contests on Instagram will definitely help to increase traffic. Just propose people to comment pictures and use hashtags, repost your content and then encourage them. Mechanics and concepts of the contests can be different, for example:

  • “Like and win concept”
  • “Propose your selfie with the brand somewhere aside”
  • ”Repost to win”
  • “Use specific location”
  • “Buy a product, make a picture and play,” etc.

These concepts are just some of the ways to run a contest on Instagram.

Specific time for specific purposes

Think of who your audience are, about habits and schedules they have. It will help you to find the best time for posting on Instagram. It’s quite an easy thing to make a test on how your pictures perform at different times of a day. You can choose an appropriate time for you to publish your photos with the help of KUKU.io.

Try to find an optimal frequency of posting. If you post 5 pictures a day, you are likely to lose followers.

Join popular events

Nobody can forbid you to search for current and popular events in different spheres of life and relate them to your profile and your goals. Isn’t it one extra way to gain followers on Instagram?

If you are a representative of a sports clothing store, or if you promote healthy organic food – the Olympic Games is a perfect time for you. Don’t miss it, because just in a few weeks, using thematic hashtags, current pictures, arranging competitions related to the topic, you will definitely get more followers on Instagram.

A summer season is the most appropriate time for companies associated, for example, with tourism or weddings. Working properly in this period of time, with the help of high-quality content, companies can get more Instagram followers and great promo for their brands.

The same principle works for gifts and flower shops on Christmas Eve, for producers of teen clothes during the beginning of the academic year, etc.  

PUMA Instagram picture

#christmassy Instagram

Grab followers of competitors

The thorough research of competitors and their followers can demonstrate you how these followers can be adopted. Followers of competitors are also your audience and there are some ways that will help you to attract their attention and won’t harm your brand’s reputation.

These people have already demonstrated their interest in products or services. The easiest way to get more Instagram followers of competitors for free is to attract them by using hashtags – let them find you.

Avoid deceptive acts

As in any industry, there are also dark schemes and tricks to get more followers on Instagram. Does buying followers on Instagram really work? It does. You don’t need any special permission to buy hundreds of new followers.

Unfortunately, buying followers on Instagram has become trivial and harmful for your profile – these guys will never become active and will just create a dead layer you cannot rid of.

Analyze your first Instagram results

Now, if everything is done correctly, your brand’s life on Instagram will never be the same. If you have practiced all the steps, you will definitely get the result and find the best ways to get more followers on Instagram. Social media analytics is what you need at this stage.

Do you think it’s all enough to forget the phrase “I want more followers on Instagram!?” And what about serious statistics? Now it’s time to measure how fast it happens and what to expect.

It’s possible to check out how quickly this growth has occurred and what kind of steps can be next. You have a great opportunity to analyze your Instagram with KUKU.io. Now it’s quite easy to measure your results and start developing new strategies based on statistics you get.  

instagram analytics chart

Finally follow the followers

Don’t forget to respond to the questions and comments of your followers. The great way to keep your followers engaged is communicate with them. There’s nothing more pleasant and rewarding on Instagram than creating lasting relationships and friendship with your followers!

If these ideas seem attractive and can help to get followers for Instagram free, please let us know in comments.

And use KUKU.io tools to analyze your Instagram profiles.

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