Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.

Joel A. Barker

This quote sounds convincing, doesn’t it?

Remember the last case when you bought a product or service online. Perhaps it happened with the help of social networks. This way is rather popular among customers all over the world. Marketers try their best to enrich social media content, apply visual marketing basics and strengthen the “degree of persuasiveness”.

How to increase your call to action?

Going back to your online purchase, there is a possibility that your decision was made according to a simple call to action that was framed for example in a small button that accompanied a text.

Just a little button. But it could be the reason for your decision. And it could be a great tool for a company to gain you as a new customer.

But is it easy to create and add a powerful call to action to your text? Why some bright and large buttons do not receive trust and confidence, while some uninspiring call to action on social media can bring unexpected sales.

In this article, we are trying to determine what is the power and benefits of this magical marketing tool that can drive more clients, increase sales and generate leads.

But let’s start with the basics…

CTA buttons on social media

What is CTA and why is it useful to be applied

The time for action is now. It’s never too late to do something.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

CTA pushes readers to act. It can motivate them to sign up, download, attend, click for more information, and so on and so force. It’s like a small lever for persuasion that often brings profit to brands.

What is the best place for locating CTA on social media?

It’s quite discussable and depends on different factors (for example, the length of your text or its topic).  Most commonly, authors add it at the end of posts or inside of images on social media. It can appear as a button, a text link, or a full image.

How to use CTA on Facebook

How CTA affects analytics

Why is it important to manage CTA?

CTA can assist you to achieve 3 main business goals:

  • clicks
  • sales
  • engagement

You can easily track all your content with CTA buttons or links using special tools such as Google analytics or analytics apps like KUKU.io.  

How to use KUKU.io analytics

You can change the shape of your button or choose another color and it will boost conversion rate globally.

Your posts can simply bring out warm feelings but it would be better for your business if readers take action and are engaged with your brand.

How to create an effective call to action: the basics

To begin with, you need to clearly understand what your message is and who the recipients are. Your CTA should encourage readers, users or followers to engage with you.

Of course, at first, there will be many unstructured thoughts in your head. What call? What action? Goals, motives, reach…

The secrets of CTA buttons, KUKU.io review

There is no specific and unique recipe for a successful call to action on social media. But you may follow the experience of others and learn trends in order to outline your version of effective appeal and motivation.

12 formulas of creating effective CTA on social media

      1.Set up and adopt CTAs for each social network

Social media work in a different way especially if it comes to CTAs. Facebook proposes to use business ads with CTA buttons that are clickable and trackable. On Instagram, you can add your own CTA button to the end of a sponsored post.

Where to put CTA buttons on Instagram

It’s worth to take into account the features of each social network and be aware of where and how it is better to apply a button.

  1. Propose real values

If you want to attract your readers’ attention and make them take an action, you should offer something really valuable. Base on incentive and think what can bring benefits. Your readers should clearly understand why they need your proposal.

KUKU.io CTA buttons on Twitter

  1. Suggest free option

In order to convince your readers to act in a certain way (download a book, subscribe to an email, buy your product, etc.) and suggest using a free version.

“Fill out this subscription form and get an access to webinar for free”

A button: “Get Free”

  1. Use actionable vocabulary

Remember that your first aim is to ask readers to perform a distinct action. You can nudge them towards the action with the help of useful action verbs. Arrange your own research and create the list of such verbs. Avoid uncertain or obscene words, jargon or vernacular.

Call now button on social media

  1. Touch emotions

In your CTA messages try to get closer to the feelings and emotions of your readers. They should not stay indifferent. Use bright words and appeals, test different options. Even a small friendly button can help to gain a lot of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

  1. Remind about tiredness

People are often disappointed about many things and will definitely enjoy the solution of their problem, which hinders the way to success.

“Are you tired of ineffective diets? Buy our new protein set and create the body of your dreams in 3 months!”

A button: “Buy now”

  1. Set time limits

This will make your call specific and clear. For example, ‘Try it now’ looks more compelling than just ‘Please, try it’.

Simple ways to use CTA

  1. Simplify

The simpler and more understandable your CTA message is, the faster it will reach recipients.

Your reader should not solve many logical tasks to understand your proposal. Having read the text once, he/she should understand what to do and do it.

Call to action opportunities, KUKU.io review

  1. Personalize

By referring directly to a particular reader, you call on trust and incline to your message. It’d be nice to make your readers feel like you care.

Use “you” or “your” words to personalize your CTA and add a human touch to the interaction. For example, “Try your free set”.

  1. Engage

Offer to continue communication and learn more.

How to attract attention with CTA

  1. Remember the experience of celebrities

“Why Madonna uses only our cosmetics”

If a famous person recommends your product or service, it will be easier for you to build trust with your customers. Influencer marketing will help you to increase your competitive advantages and boost the level of trust.

  1. Test different CTAs

Do not forget to track the results of posts with СTA. You can determine which posts with motivation work better, and which buttons or links do not attract attention. Adapt, move and polish them up. This analysis will allow you to search for options and optimize СTA buttons. Remember that you can use KUKU.io analytical tools to track post results, using various useful metrics.

KUKU.io analytics

Now the creation of the effective calls for action is not a big deal for you.

Use the formulas described above and indicate the advantages and uniqueness of your proposals. And of course be sure to lead everything through the prism of customers, given their desires. Pay attention to the design of buttons, color solutions, and font size. Good luck with your new CTAs!

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