The general appearance of links influences on texts presentability and helps to distribute content. If you want to optimize your long and unreadable links, you can use special services.

The main idea is that these services and apps do not change addresses and provide a convenient link for all users.

You should know that the main drawback of a long link is that it is quite inconvenient to copy it. And if you want your link to be shared many times, you need to cut it.

How to cut links?

What can be known with the help of a shortened link?

The most popular link shorteners, such as bit.ly, link.al, goo.gl, allow you to learn more about the users who clicked on your link. Many of them are able to tell you the following:

  • The number of referrals
  • Where did the users come from
  • The geography of clicks
  • About the device
  • About the operating system
  • About the browser

How to create a short link with the own name in KUKU.io?

To configure a link shortener, you need an empty domain or subdomain. You can send us your data for verification to determine if the selected name is suitable before you start the configuration.

You need to add the appropriate subdomain and entry CNAME in the domain control panel.

For example:

If you want KUKU.io to cut links on subdomain abc.yourwebsite.com, then you need to add the following:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: abc
  • Entry: KUKU.io. (the dot is required).

If you want KUKU.io to shorten the links on the subdomain l.html5.by, you need to add an entry:

  • Type: CNAME
  • First name: l
  • Entry: KUKU.io. (The dot is required)

If you want KUKU.io to shorten the links to the main domain yourwebsite.com, you need to add an entry:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Name: yourwebsite.com
  • Entry: KUKU.io. (The dot is required)

* The feature is available for free and paid users

How to analyze clicks on links on social media?

If you use KUKU.io, you can automatically shorten all links using goo.gl, link.al, and your individual shortener. It is very simple to configure it. Go to Settings, select one of the three options for shortening the link and save the changes.

Thanks to a link shortener, you can track clicks and build conversions.

Link shorteners, KUKU.io review

Calculation of CTR (clickability) is planned in the nearest KUKU.io update.

Using a shortener, you can get information about the geography of clicks:

Clicks by countries, KUKU.io analytics

You can also know in what social media users click links inside posts more often.

clicks by social media, KUKU.io analytics

So, as you can see, a link shortener allows not only to optimize the general link’s appearance but also to learn a lot of information about the number of clicks and users.

Analyze posts with KUKU.io

We hope your links are ok, if not, please use any shortener and enjoy the result!

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