Without any doubts, managing social media accounts is easy with social media scheduling tools of KUKU.io. You can publish content to up to 10 social media profiles, groups and pages (10 social media networks are available for you: you can manage Google Plus business page, Facebook groups and pages, Telegram channels, etc. at once) in the Essential version, analyze social media activities, and create and test out a social media content plan and schedule.

However, when we are talking about social media management and social media teams, we also think about social media marketing agencies and companies that offer social media management as a part of clients’ marketing strategies.

For these companies and social media agencies, it is important to be able to delegate projects to social media managers, marketers, copywriters, analysts and project managers (yeah, staff is not limited to one “Swiss Army Man”). By allocating responsibilities, you can be sure the posts will be published on time, the progress will be tracked and a content plan will be tested out wisely, – overall, all these factors influence the performance of employees and company position among competitors.

Now companies that need to manage social media with team members and delegate projects and responsibilities can take advantage of the Team and Growing Team versions of the social media app KUKU.io.

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How to create a social media team structure in KUKU.io?

Once the Team version is launched, a new Team tab will appear in Menu. Here you can add team members that are going to work on social media management together by sending invites to them via email. When adding a new member, you can choose one of two roles: Admin or Member.

Member can manage and analyze only those social media projects, which are assigned to him, with given project rights.

Admin has full access to all projects and owner-level rights.

Social media managers team with KUKU.io

How to start managing multiple social media accounts with your team?

The next step you need to take is to create projects (channels) and add social media accounts to them. Every member can create both personal and team projects (learn how to professionally manage projects with the team project management software). Whilst personal projects will be visible only for a member, team projects will be instantly shared with admins and may be moderated jointly.

Social media team projects with KUKU.io

Once a project is turned into a team project, it can be assigned to team members with particular rights:

  1. Can add / delete members to / from a channel
  2. Can create, edit and manage posts
  3. Can set a posting schedule
  4. Can add / remove personal accounts to / from a channel
  5. Can add / remove team accounts to / from a team channel

Social media team rights with KUKU.io

From this moment, a social media manager can start creating content and scheduling it. All team posts will be displayed in the history of publications and a content calendar, and can be edited or deleted by admins at any time.

By the way, all posts published with a team version will be signed with a name of a creator or an editor:

Posted by team member all in one place with KUKU.io

How to analyze social media marketing results?

We understand that to keep your social media team productive, you should not only organize work properly but also analyze the effectiveness of your team’s social media marketing.

Are posts published at the best time possible? Do chosen types of content perform great and bring results clients expect to see? Do team members do their best to drive new leads and clients from social media? Do posts you publish gather not only likes but also clicks?

These questions must be answered in order to build the high-performance marketing strategy. And social media reporting tools of KUKU.io, which feature starting from Facebook analytics tools and ending with Pinterest analytics tools, are here to answer them.

With KUKU.io social media analytics, you can track audience engagement, growth rates, clicks, a geography of followers as well as recent results and achievements. Filter data by social media team members and social media projects to find out whose results are ahead of all and reward the most diligent employees.

Team social media analytics tools with KUKU.io

PRO Tip: You need no screenshots and word documents to share results with clients. Export you social media analytics to PDF or PNG and send it to anyone in a click.

How to get the Team version and create my social media team structure?

The Team version is now available for 5, 10, 15 and 25 team members and features all advanced functionalities. Are you still hesitating? Launch a free 14-day trial version (no credit card required) to test it out and continue once you are sure – the Team version of KUKU.io can replace a manager.
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Hope you will find the Team version advantageous for your team social media management and team management in general! We can’t wait to receive your feedback, thoughts, ideas or just chat to you! Please feel free to drop us a line here, use a live chat, social media or email us to: support@kuku.io.

We’re tracking your comments everywhere and always happy to chat. 🙂

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