Psychological aspect is what we should not forget, solving any issue.

In this article, we describe 5 psychological tricks from Nick Kolenda who has extensive professional experience in marketing and research-oriented psychology. These tricks can assist you to rise up conversion.

Trick 1. Realize your mental interaction with goods

This advertising technique perfectly demonstrates the “imaginary interaction with a product.” Try to recollect: when you see a product image, you imagine how you will use it and how it can be applied.

  • Put asymmetric products towards the right side (the majority of people are right-handers).

How to increase conversion, KUKU.io tips

  • The same thing applies to any other tools or asymmetric forms (a right-side spoon):

Simple ways to boost conversion

  • Demonstrate the goods without packages

KUKU.io tips on how to increase conversion

All of these methods allow interacting with a product mentally, as well as using it to visualize buyers’ attitude.

Trick 2. Highlight the advantages

What is the best length for a product’s description? It depends on each product. But! Researchers say that there should be more obvious advantages for marginally useful and entertaining products (for example, high-heeled shoes).

the best ways to rise up conversion

Тrick 3. Retarget on those who has not complete the purchase

The reasons for the refusal to purchase can be different:

  • need to get a piece of advice
  • it takes some time to additional thoughts
  • need to revise the similar propositions from competitors

Stimulate your potential buyers via retargeting or e-mail notifications. Add a discount to your message to verify the completion of the purchase.

Trick 4. Motivate to share on social networks

One of the best examples of how to motivate users to share content on social networks is Dropbox referral program. By allowing users to obtain additional opportunities for data storage, the company proposes to invite a friend to register.

What can be given for a new user involvement? Discounts, additional stuff (video courses), extra opportunities, and so on.

Trick 5. Propose to share the prepared message

How should the message look like? People want to share content that will allow them to seem smart, not boring, caring about others, etc.

how to increase conversion, KUKU.io review

With the help of hashtags, KUKU.io offers users to leave feedback about the service on Twitter and get 2 additional accounts. Many people use this opportunity and leave only positive comments.

best way to rise conversion

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