The main spring holidays are over. We still remember the recent news and events related to St. Valentine’s Day, the International Women’s Day or St. Patrick Day.

Many brands, companies and bloggers who use social networks were preparing for these dates in advance. Below we will explain why. You’ll also find the examples of the effective use of seasonal dates and holidays in promotion strategies.

Why are holidays social media activities useful?

Spring holidays affect the global audience. During these holidays, social networks are the great channels of communication. With their help, you can greet your audience, manage interesting events, attract new followers, etc.

Marketers know how important all the holidays and special dates for their content plans are. However often these issues are not in priority and sometimes the question “What should I post on February,14?” becomes urgent one day before the holiday.

In this case, SMM-service with postponed posting is ready to assist. It allows you to think through and prepare holiday posts in advance and just put them in a line.

For example, here’s the post on March 8 that can be planned in advance:

How to post on holydays on social media?

How to track the effectivity?

When the spring holidays come to an end, a lot of companies notice the growth of followers and likes, that is directly connected with the growing attention to products or services, increasing sales or new customers. How do they understand this?

Firstly, the posts success, related to the holidays, is clear and visible – this is the number of likes, comments or reposts.

Secondly, you can use special SMM-services with analytics that propose the complete picture of the performance of individual posts and selected posting periods.

KUKU.io helps to cope with this issue quickly. All you need is to link your social media accounts to the KUKU.io profile, select analytics and track the results.

Only qualitative analysis leads to the right conclusions.

Social media analytics with KUKU.io

Analytics on social media with KUKU.io

We’ve selected 5 examples of how to effectively use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter posting during the popular spring holidays.

Social networks and gifts

Holiday posts gather more likes than usual posts. Especially it concerns social networks of brands and companies which products can be good as gifts.

What special is in holidays posts?

Video and views

For the companies that deal with highly specific products, any holiday is a way to dilute their monotonous posting and publish something unusual or funny. Some famous brands use holidays to attract followers with interesting statistics, as USA Today did:

Special holydays content, KUKU.io review

Holiday likes, reposts and comments

As it was noted above, a holiday post is gaining a lot of likes. The same concerns reposts, and comments. Many brands use this on their pages, especially when planning the promotion on Instagram and Facebook.

Social networks and holyday spring content

Holiday hashtags

There is no doubt that hashtags are powerful on social media. That’s why it’s easy to find them on the pages of many brands on February, 14 or March, 8. And they really work.

How spring holydays influences social media content

Brands and social media campaigns

Some active brands organize global campaigns on social networks, invite celebrities and set long-term goals for their projects. So a simple and enjoyable holiday can start the global social campaign.

Social media holydays projects, KUKU.io review

These are just small examples of how important and necessary spring holidays are. Do not forget to include them into your content calendar.

If you missed the opportunity to post bright and effective holiday posts this year, please think about it in future.

And if you have any ideas about how to catch the next important calendar dates, feel free to add them in comments.

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