The popular social network has gathered the best minds of Google, Apple and Amazon to create a new modular smartphone. This conclusion was reached by representatives of Business Insider.

They have found that Facebook team is working on the device that looks like a modular smartphone. Its details can be changed or added by users themselves. The development of the gadget is managed by the secret division of Facebook, named Building 8. It consists of the specialists who were engaged in the same development in Google. However, the project was not implemented there.

Besides, the team includes the former developers from Amazon and Apple. Building 8 also deals with virtual reality technologies and scanning of the human brain. Recently, Facebook has announced the beta version of the social network in the virtual reality – Facebook Spaces.

The patent describes a device with a touch screen, a microphone, a speaker and a GPS receiver.

Here is the sketch of the possible modular smartphone by Facebook:

The sketch of the new Facebook smartphone

And here’s Google gadget:

Google project, KUKU.io review

Seems like Facebook is not going to give up.

Do you use Facebook for business? Nowadays it’s rather easy to manage Facebook pages, to track the growth of followers and the popularity of content, analyzing everything with special tools for social media. Share your experience and keep in touch with Facebook. Perhaps the new modular smartphone is what you really need.

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