Recently Facebook has announced a new tool. Now Facebook users are able to search for a job and employers can easily publish job advertisements.

Any social network today is not only the available resource for communication and solving business problems. People also use social media to find accommodation or a new job.   

Employers who have Facebook accounts may post job advertisements for free on their pages. And applicants will be able to find an appropriate position and fill in the necessary form for employment.

Facebook job-hunting features

This job search function is a part of several Facebook updates and innovations for optimization accounts and social media strategy.

Facebook new feature for job searching

Facebook developers believe that the interested users and employers will use Facebook messenger to negotiate.

There are no limits for job publications on Facebook. But this can be checked only by users from US and Canada because the option is available only in these countries. For other countries, the job search option will be available in the nearest future.

Are you ready for the new Facebook feature?

Let’s consider the basic steps for those who want to find a job using social networks.

5 tips for those who are seeking a job on Facebook

  • Review your account. Your potential employer should have a positive impression about you. It’s not a secret that HR-managers are viewing the profiles of candidates on social networks as often as their CV’s. Create a new business photo; fill all the fields connected with your biography and experience.

How to find a job using Facebook?

Facebook profile info, KUKU.io review

  • Show off your expertise. Follow or like the company’s pages and groups that deserve to be followed (in a professional sense). This will show your professional interests and strong background.

Marketing groups on Facebook, KUKU.io review

  • Use hashtags to search for information about the employer. Most likely, you will find both professional and informal info (outings, teambuilding parties, business trips).
  • Mention your activities. It’s rather important for employers to see that you are open-minded and take a proactive stance. For example, add links to your posts on Squidoo or Quora. Employers often monitor them and if they find your name there – it will be perfect.
  • Avoid or delete uncertain and suspicious contacts and followers if you have them. Social reputation management is quite important for brands and any simple user.

Remember, that job search on social media increase your chances to find a dream job. That’s why the new Facebook feature will get popularity quickly.

If you find it difficult to manage all your social networks at the same time, try the powerful multi social media app KUKU.io with its great opportunities for different social networks.

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