Do you believe in the future of virtual reality and visual content profusion?

Actually, Facebook developers have announced its beta version in virtual reality. VR-version, called Facebook Spaces, was recently presented at Facebook’s annual developer conference, F8.

New Facebook virtual reality, KUKU.io review

Facebook continues to rely on the latest innovative technologies. Now VR version of Facebook is available only for Oculus Rift owners who have powerful computers.

Voice and gestures on VR Facebook are used together with simple messages.

facebook developers have announsed VR Facebook platform

What is allowed on VR Facebook?

Virtual Facebook allows you to communicate, watch videos, draw, and create a selfie with avatars, which are drawn basing on the real photos of users’ profiles.

The avatars on Facebook Spaces can easily reflect the emotions of their real prototypes, for example, smiles or astonishment. The beta version allows you to meet 3 more characters in one virtual room.

Facebook and Oculus rift new project, KUKU.io review

Facebook is planning to give other VR-devices the access to its virtual site.

Facebook first mentioned the development of VR platform in October 2016. Mark Zuckerberg’s team demonstrated 3D avatars together with the colleagues from Oculus VR.

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