Is it easy to create new original posts? There is so much different content published every day, but it is also possible to manage and extend your current posts.

Do you want more followers or readers to see and share your content on Facebook or Twitter?  

You already know how to use customer reviews for brand promotion on social media and how to optimize images for the web to attract customers and increase your sales. Now it’s time to figure out how embedded posts can help your blogs and websites to get more engagement and visibility.

This article will show you the importance of embedded posts. You’ll find out the strong sides of embedded posts, learn how to integrate them and check their advantages with the help of social media analytics tools.

What does an embedded post mean?

With the help of embedding option, you can put the public social media posts into your content of your site or blog page.

The embedded post looks like ordinary content and can contain images, video, hashtags, graphics, and so on. Any visitor of your blog or site will be able to like or share the posts without leaving your page. The feature works with the posts that are available to the public. So you can’t use posts with limited privacy settings. 

Take a look how www.theguardian.com uses this option:

An embedded Twitter video post KUKU.io review

Why embed?

As you can see, embedded posts can include different information. With the help of these posts, you can learn the name of the author of the page, the group that he/she represents (community, business, products, etc.), the number of readers or followers of his/her page. You can also find out the date of publishing and different counters of its popularity.

Moreover, there is the option that allows people to like and share any post or page or add comments without leaving your site or blog.

Embedded posts help to:

  • Support and diversify your content with visual examples. If the content you publish covers the topic of social media marketing, you can add any example by embedding a post from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc. Use full posts instead of screenshots!

Embedded posts on Facebook
Twitter embed
Embed YouTube video
Embed Instagram
Embed LinkedIn posts

  • Extend your social media expanse. If you’d like to share a video to your posts, you should publish this video on your social media page first. It’s quite easy to share the embedded post together with this video (not just a video). People can like it from the embedded post widget or click to your post on social media.

Embedded Instagram video KUKU.io review

  • Increase discussions. Embedded posts can provoke and increase discussions on your site (or blog) and get more exposure.

Embedded Twitter post with discussions KUKU.io review

  • Give extra proof to your content. You can track all positive content made on your page and then embed them to create or enhance social proof.

You can add social media embedded posts on your site or blog from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and some more social platforms. You just need to use the codes of texts, images and video and share. 

Embedding social media posts KUKU.io review

Briefly about how it works

You get a code that you can paste into the post or HTML-code of the page. It will work only for content with public access in settings. Your readers will have the opportunity to like and share these posts directly from the page, where the posts were created. You can integrate posts from your personal page or profile. Go there and click on the arrow that you will find at the top right of the content. There you will see the option to embed posts.

Let’s check how embedded posts work on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Are they useful or is it just a waste of time?

How to embed KUKU.io post


What does embed post mean on Facebook? and What are the key benefits of embedding Facebook posts?

First, this is a good way to share positive customers’ reviews about your brand or company. The fact that embedded posts look like ordinary Facebook posts, make them more credible. Secondly, the audience can interact with content. It allows you to increase the interaction index.

The interesting studies have been recently presented. They show the statistics on countries where Facebook embedded posts’ customers come from.

Facebook statistics about embedding posts

How to embed post on Facebook from your website or blog?

  • Choose a specific Facebook post you would like to add. Find the arrow at the right top corner and click on it to pull down the options.

The option to embed posts on Facebook

  • Then choose “Embed Post” (be sure that this post is public. Otherwise, you will not see the option).

The code for embedding posts on Facebook

  • The code will appear. You should copy and paste it into your site’s HTML editor.
  • Type <center> and </center> around the html snippet. Enjoy the result.

What do you think of this option on Facebook?


What does embed tweet mean?

It’s also possible to embed any Tweet using the embedded Tweet code. Your content created on Twitter may also contain pictures, video, quotes, links, etc.

How to embed Twitter feed on your article or website?

The algorithm of embedding posts on Twitter is quite the same:

  • Choose the tweet that you’d like to embed. Click three dots (the more “…” button) to pull down the options.

The way how to embed posts on Twitter KUKU.io review

  • Find and select «Embed Tweet.”
  • Then copy the code appeared and paste it into the HTML editor on your site or blog.
  • Finally, put “tw-align-center” after “twitter-tweet.” And that’s it!

Embedding posts on Twitter with a code KUKU.io review


How to embed YouTube video on your site or blog?

The way to embed a youtube video to the site or WordPress is quite simple: 

  • Visit www.youtube.com and select the video you would like to add.
  • You will see “Share” option under the video. Choose “Embed” in the appeared menu.

YouTube options to embed posts KUKU.io review

  • Copy the code and paste it into the HTML editor of your site or blog.

The code on YouTube to embed the post

  • Type <center> and </center> around the html snippet. Enjoy the result.


What does embed mean on Instagram? and How to embed Instagram feed on your website?

You need to make the following steps to embed any Instagram picture on your website or blog:

  • Visit your Instagram page (www.instagram.com) and click the picture you need to expand it.
  • Then click three dots (the more “…” button) and choose “Embed”.

Instagram settings for embedding posts

  • You will see the HTML embed code in a dialog.

The code to embed the post on Instagram


How embedded post on Instagram looks like

  • Enter this code into your site where needed and the post will load.


How to embed LinkedIn posts on your website or blog?

It is also incredibly simple. All you need to do is copy-and-paste the URL of the post you want to embed.

Here’s what it looks like:

How to embed LinkedIn posts?

Then you should enter in a link to the content you want to embed:

Embedded posts on LinkedIn, KUKU.io review

That is how you can add different types of social media posts on your blog or site.

What do you think about this feature? Have you ever added embedded posts on your site or blog?

Please share your experience!

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