There are 3 types of roles in our Business version of KUKU.io: OwnerAdministrator, and Member.

Owner is a person who has purchased the Business version of KUKU.io. He is the one who should originally create a team and invite all the members to it. You can do it in the tab “Team” by sending each of its members an invitation to their email addresses. Owner also assigns the necessary rights to the members by granting them a certain role in the team (Administrator or Member). The owner can create and remove the channels for the team collaboration and invite or remove members from the Business account. Only Owner has the permission to cancel the existing subscription or to upgrade the current version of the account.

Administrator can also manage channels, edit them, change the time of the publications in the auto posting calendar, assign and remove the members of the team, add and delete the social media networks profiles, groups and pages in team channels, create and delete the channels themselves. But Administrator can not delete the Owner of the Business account, another active Administrator, upgrade the current account or cancel the existing Business subscription.

Member is assigned on the necessary Team channel by Owner or Administrator of the Business account with a granted role (Manager, Moderator, Contributor or Custom, where you can define the responsibilities and functions of this very Member in a channel).  

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