Webhook is needed for integration with your application or with the employees’ performance monitoring software.

After the post is published we will send the POST-request on the provided URL with all the data included.

Learn more about the data format:

id – unique post id on KUKU.io

socialNetworkPostId – unique post id on social media

userEmail – email of the post author

ownerEmail – email of the post owner

lastEditorEmail – email of the post latest editor

message – post body

socialProfileId – post id on social media

socialProfileName – profile name on social media

link – post link on social media

done (1,2) publication status (1 – done, 2 – error)

timeZone – channel time zone

timeQueueCreation – UTC time when the post was created on KUKU.io

isPostNow (0,1) – 0 – posted immediately, 1 – scheduled

postTime – UTC time when the post was scheduled on KUKU.io

channelId – unique KUKU.io channel id

channelName – KUKU.io channel name

providerName –  (twitter, facebook_profile, facebook_page, facebook_group, vk_profile, vk_page и тд)

groupId – unique id for the group of posts (if one message is posted to Facebook, Twitter, etc. all of them will have the same group id)

UTM – if UTM is turned on

urlShortener (0,1,2) – if the link shortener is turned on (0 – turned off, 1,2,3 – different types of link shorteners)

source (0,1)  – 0 – created in timeline, 1 – created in Content Plan

previewUrl – URL chosen for a preview

attachments – (objects array) everything attached to the post (images, video, etc.)

status – error data and code if it is occurred

advancedDataError – error data if it is occurred on the social media side

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