In order to create a team channel go to Settings in the right top corner of the page and choose “Channels” from the drop-down menu. Then in the appeared window press “Create a new channel” and choose “Team” in the drop-down settings on to the right of the channel name field:

where to find channels in settings

where to press to create a new channel

After that press “Done”:

How to name a channel, where to set it as a team channel and save the settings

Then choose profiles, groups and pages which you would like to add to the Team channel.  Owner and active Administrator will be automatically assigned to this channel with Manager role.

You can add more members to this channel by pressing “Add a member” and in the appeared popup choose a member and a role for him or her and press “Save changes”:

how to add social media networks groups and pages to the created team channel

how to add a member and set the role for him in the added Team channel

You can also assign a member to a Team channel. Please press on Team icon or choose my team from the dropdown. After this just choose the necessary channel and assign it to the chosen member.  

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