In KUKU.io, you can share your content with your followers on Telegram channels as well as to other social media networks. Telegram does not allow scheduling posts, but you can use KUKU.io to schedule your publications and share them when you need it.

First of all, you need to create a channel. To create a channel, just click the button at the right of the search line.

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step one create telegram channel

Step 1. Choose “New Channel

In the pop-up window, you will be offered to create a group or a channel. Choose “New Channel” and click “Next”.

step two create telegram channel

Step 2. Write a Name, Description and Set up the Main Picture

On the next step, you will be offered to write a name, description and set up the main picture.

step three create telegram channel

Step 3. Choose “Private Channel” or Public Channel

On the next step, you can also choose whether it will be a Private or Public channel. To be able to build community and schedule content with KUKU.io, please choose the Public channel option.

Important: Choose and write a bundle for your link (it will be connected to KUKU.io and can be shared with other Telegram users as an invite link).

step four create telegram channel

Step 4. Invite People

Brilliant! On the next step, you can invite people from your contact list.

Your channel is created! Now it is high time to create a bot, and connect it to Telegram.

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