If you want to schedule posts to Telegram, you need to create a bot, which will help you with it. In order to do it, please follow these easy steps:

1.Type @BotFather in the search field and click the first search result.


1 - Create a bot

2. A chat will be opened for you. Just type “/newbot” and see further instructions.


step two create a Telegram bot

3. Write a name of your bot (preferably a name of the channel you want to connect the bot to) and see further instructions.


step three create a Telegram bot

4. Write a user name of your bot. It must not contain spaces and special characters and must end in “/bot”.

5. You will get Access Token. Copy it!


step four create a Telegram bot

Done! Now all you have to do is to connect the bot to your channel:

1. Choose the channel to which you want to schedule posts.

2. Go to channel settings by clicking the arrow sign at the top right.


step five create a Telegram bot

3. Click the “Administrators” and then “New Administrator”.


step six create a Telegram bot

4. Find the bot you have created by its name and click on it.


step seven create a Telegram botstep eight create a Telegram bot


Congratulations! The last step is to connect the channel and the bot to KUKU.io to start scheduling posts.

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