You have created the bot and connected it to the created channel. Now the last step you have to take to start scheduling posts with KUKU.io is to connect them both to the application. To do it, please click the “+” button on your KUKU.io dashboard and choose Telegram.

step one connect Telegram to KUKU.io

Type in the Telegram channel address in which you are admin and you have a bot connected. To find it:

1. Choose the channel to which you want to schedule posts.

2. Go to channel settings by clicking the arrow sign at the top right.

3. Click the link under the channel name. It will be copied to your clipboard.


step two connect Telegram to KUKU.io

4. Paste it to the channel address field in KUKU.io.


step three connect Telegram to KUKU.io


Paste Access Token of the Telegram bot you have created and connected to its channel (Read: How to create a bot and get Access Token?).


step four connect Telegram to KUKU.io

step five connect Telegram to KUKU.io

That’s it! Now your Telegram channel is connected to KUKU.io and you can start creating content and scheduling your posts.

step six connect Telegram to KUKU.io

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