You can choose the data in the social media analytics to be reflected differently, depending on your needs. The analytics in KUKU.io app can show the data for one certain social network account or for several accounts at the same time as well as for different periods of time.

On the top of the page with analytics, above the charts, you will see the list of your accounts, groups and pages. Simply choose your social network accounts the analytics of which you are interested in by clicking on them. If you are interested in data only for one profile, page or group then just choose the one you need.

social media analytics choose accounts

In case you’ve chosen several accounts then you will see the summary of the figures for them reflected on the charts (the total number of likes, reposts, etc.). At the same time, the posts with the highest engagement rate among all chosen social networks will be reflected in Top Posts chart.

We have an option of grouping frequently used accounts, groups and pages into channels for your convenience. You can use channels both for posting and tracking analytics for them. Also you can set up a posting schedule and time zones for your channels. Find out more information about channels here.

In order to track the effectiveness of your social media activities you may find useful checking analytics for them over different periods of time: a week, 2 weeks, a months or 2 months. Just choose the necessary time setting in the right top corner of the page.

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