We have created the Business version of KUKU.io in order to make the management of a big number of your social networks profiles, groups, and pages in a team of colleagues smoother and easier. It is especially essential nowadays for both small and big teams of social media marketing – agencies in which several members are constantly working on creating and filling the content and attracting and reaching the target audience for one or several brands and clients at the same time.

In our Busines version, the owner of the account and all the administrator can create team channels by gathering all the necessary client’s profiles, groups, and pages, and by assigning the members of the teams on the necessary channels. With the help of KUKU.io auto posting calendar, you can create the most suitable customized posting schedule for your publications to social media networks. And our visual content-plan will help all the team members to see and track the content that has already been scheduled for publishing and the types of content that are missing and could be added in order to make your marketing strategy even more effective and reach-increasing for the audience than ever before.

In the Analytics section, you will be able to monitor all the metrics for your posted publications for both single members of the team and for the whole team in total. All of this will allow you to optimize the content you post at it’s maximum and cooperate your team’s performance so you can create successful marketing campaigns and improve the work of all the members of your team.

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