In order for us to start gathering data for analytics of your social media activities and publications we ask you for the permission to collect this data. We ask for the permissions for analytics to be granted to us either in the very start, when you create your account with us, or we send you the notification to grant us with the permissions later on. As soon as we get the permissions we start collecting all necessary data for your analytics. Gathering and processing of this data may take several minutes. So if you have just switched on the analytics feature, please allow some short time for the data to be processed.

Such data as the number of your followers for ex. is gathered only from the moment when you switch the analytics on. The data that is reflected with a dotted line represents approximate stats before the analytics was enabled. So we calculate it only roughly on the basis of the data that was gathered before the current moment.  

In order to get the information on clicks by social networks and clicks by countries (these two stats are reflected by 2 charts in the bottom of analytics’ page) you need to have goo.gl shortening enabled for your links (you can switch it on in Settings). Goo.gl shortening for links allows us to track the number of clicks on your links in social networks, countries.

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