Sometimes you may need to Like and Share published content on behalf of other social media accounts, and KUKU.io gives you such a possibility. Once the feature is launched, the chosen accounts of the same social media network will place likes and share your content automatically.

To use this feature, go to the timeline and click one of the buttons: Like or Share.

Like and Share feature social media


In a pop-up window, you will be offered to choose accounts, which are supposed to perform this action. If there are no account that can like and share posts in the particular social media networks or this feature is not available (in the case of Telegram, Linkedin, OK.ru), you will see a notification.

Like and Share feature social media two


In addition, in this window, you can choose whether you want the chosen accounts to act immediately or with a delay (“Start liking/sharing in _ min”).

Choose a time period in which the action will be completed by all selected accounts (“Like/Share from the chosen accounts within _ min”). KUKU.io will set random intervals for likes / shares automatically.

Once everything is set up, just click the “Schedule” button to launch it.

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