Once you want to add one of those accounts go to your dashboard in your KUKU.io account.

Step 1. You will see + button for adding profiles. Press the + button and then you’ll see a page with the choice of accounts, pages, groups and blogs to connect.

Step 2. Let’s say you want to connect Twitter. Click on the Twitter card and you will be redirected to the Twitter sign-in page.

Step 3. Fill in all the necessary sign-in information and your account will be connected to KUKU.io after that.  If you’d like to add multiple Twitter profiles just go through the same procedure with all the profiles you want to connect.

Social media scheduling with KUKU.io

Please, note that your sign-in information is not stored or used in any way by us and is requested by the chosen social network itself.

The process is the same for OK.ru and LinkedIn profiles.

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