Step 1. Please open two tabs in your browser: https://kuku.io and http://facebook.com

Step 2. Login to Facebook using the first account you want to connect to KUKU. Then go to your dashboard in KUKU.io, click “+” icon and choose the Facebook card. Congratulations, you have the first connected profile!

Social media posting with KUKU.io

Step 3. To add another account, all you have to do is to log out of Facebook and login again with another account, then click “+” in KUKU.io dashboard and choose Facebook card in KUKU.io once again.

You can repeat this procedure with all the profiles you want to connect. That is it! As soon as your profiles are connected, you can easily connect groups and pages of these profiles to KUKU.io. You can connect VK and Tumblr using exactly the same procedure.

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