You can add images to your posts in two ways:

  1. just put an image link into a text field and it’ll be automatically added to your post (+ screenshot)
  2. you can add images by clicking on “Add Image” to choose the images you want to post.

Now with KUKU.io you up to 10 images per post (or 1 GIF image). For Tumblr and VK it is possible to publish just images with no text. As for Facebook – only 1 image can be posted with no text if you want to add more images you’ll need to add some text to your post. Twitter and OK.ru require text when posting images. As for Linkedin, you’ll need the preview link to post an image (this rule is set by Linkedin). Also you can add videos and polls.


Social media manager tools KUKU.io

Note: If you want to publish an animated GIF image to groups and pages of VK.com, you’ll have to open up “Documents” in the VK’s settings first. To do it, please open your group or page, click “Manage Community” below the main image, in the “Documents” section, choose “Open”. That’s it! Now the animated GIF images you publish will be converted automatically into MP4 just like in Facebook.

Social media scheduler for Vkontakte

If you’d like to share a video link on Facebook just add a link from Youtube. We are currently working on adding videos to all social networks via KUKU.io.

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