In Team plan you have a great opportunity to see the analytics of all your publications for both the whole team and each member. In order to track the analytics of your team channels publications just press the Analytics icon in the top of the dashboard, then choose the period of time the metrics for which you would like to see and choose the necessary team channel.

After that you will see all of the available charts with the statics and analytic data for the required channel and all the publications in it. With the help of our simple and colorful charts in the Analytics section, you will have a clear view of how successful and effective your strategy is and which engagement rate your Team channel publications have, the number of clicks, etc.

How to track analytics for the team channels and set the time frames to track the metrics

In order to track the metrics for a particular member of a team and all of his publications just choose this member from the drop-down list of all the members of this channel by pressing a plate with the member’s icon. And after that choose a period of time for which you would like to see the stats (a week, 2 weeks, 1 month or 2 months). Then you will be able to see the charts with the summary of all the metrics and data for the publications of this chosen member of the Team.         

tracking of the analytics by member of the team in a team channel

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