Nowadays social networks are a natural marketing tool for any promotion. Many companies and brands use them regularly.

A marketer who promotes products or services online can manage 5, 10 or more accounts at the same time on different social media. Naturally, he/she needs a lot of precious time to do it. That’s why a friendly third party service with automatic scheduling may be a brilliant solution.

In this article, we want to find out all the truth about third party services. Can automatic scheduling apps negatively affect marketing results? Is it true that the posts made with the help of third party services are seen by the fewer number of people online?

automatic scheduling cuts reach, is it try?

What problems can be solved with the help of third party services?

First of all, automatic scheduling helps you quickly sort out a lot of posts that need to be published in a specific period of time. This is appreciated by small business owners or marketers, who promote products or services on social networks. SMM-tools such as KUKU.io significantly save time, optimize posting process with the help of a content calendar, and set time zones. Besides, you may use KUKU.io detailed analytics with variety of helpful metrics for each social media.

KUKU.io analytics for social media

Analyze posts with KUKU.io

Actually, can such a useful service harm companies? It’s better to add here that social media themselves can affect reach, constantly changing the algorithms for ranking certain posts in news feeds.

The algorithms for displaying posts in news feeds

Experiments with the algorithm of displaying posts are completely justified. Social networks filter news feeds, offering users the most appropriate content for them. If there was no such “filter”, our news feeds would be simply overloaded, and we would not have time to get important and interesting posts. Each social media has own filters.

The first social media that began to filter and rank posts more than 10 years ago, was Facebook. Several years ago, the algorithm was launched by Twitter, then there was Instagram, etc.

Facebook experience is more valuable because the issue was considered most seriously by its developers.

How ranking algorithm works on Facebook

Since 2006, Facebook has repeatedly optimized the algorithm of displaying posts, forcing marketers to constantly keep abreast. Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly said that he wanted to create a “personalized newspaper” for each user.

Facebook managers while studying their users’ behavior, began to offer innovative approaches. One of them was “See first” option (priority for displaying).

Facebook see first option

Nowadays, ranking its posts, Facebook mainly focuses on:

  • Likes that demonstrate users’ preferences.
  • Clicks
  • Comments
  • Friends posts
  • Duration of posts’ views

Analytics of all these data affects on what we see on Facebook every day. That is why the question about the loss of reach can be addressed to social media themselves. However, let’s return to the third party services.

According to some doubtful rumors, Facebook and some other social networks have begun to punish their users for using third-party services and apps that greatly simplify posting (especially if posting has global scale). But is it true?

Automatic scheduling reduces reach: a myth or reality?

The main argument of those who believe that manual posting is safer and more reliable is that posts made automatically are seen by the fewer amount of users. It means that the part of your audience may not know about your current content.

Do third party services affect the audience’s reach on Facebook?

This issue was first discussed in 2011. Some people said that posts made through third-party services received 67% less likes. This number impressed many, but the rumor wasn’t verified.

A bit later, a private study by Emeric Ernoulett was published. It completely denied both the number and the fact of “cutting” likes. However, there were some doubts remained because Emerik was one of the founders of a third-party service. Nevertheless, his study was supported by pieces of evidence.

He chose the popular Facebook account of a famous Italian motorcycle manufacturer and created two sets of almost identical posts. He published all posts from each set either manually or with the help of AgoraPulse tools.

The brand page at that time had more than 14,000 likes. Emeric posted this way for several days, selecting the same pictures for both sets.

third party services and reach

In the end, he changed the order and published one post manually in the set with automatically posting. And vice versa.

As a result, the posts with photos published through the third party service covered 35% more audience than manual posts. The posts with changed order received rather identical results.

After that, many users stopped fearing auto posting. New apps and services acquired trust and a good reputation.

Today this issue is quite discussable, but the best way to prove your assumption is to check it by yourself.

Perhaps there are other reasons…

The easiest way to define guilty is to accuse a third-party service. But!

Often the roots of problems can be related to issues that seem 100% resolved at first sight. Here are some other possible reasons for reducing reach on social media:

  • Extremely frequent posting. As you know, quantity affects quality. Your audience is getting used to frequent posts and may simply start ignoring them. It’s better to use a content plan and choose unique and useful content.
  • Weak interaction with readers. If users comment your posts and seem involved, then it is more likely that the post will exist in their feeds.
  • Spam. Your audience can weed out your post, thinking that it’s spam. Some networks (like Facebook) can define this information as a reason for cutting down reach.
  • Wrong time for posting. Of course, your post will receive less reach when your followers are not online or busy.
  • Abuse of hashtags and @ sign.

How to improve reach on social media without choosing the way of posting?

The method of posting is just an option for working with content. You decide yourself whether to make it easier and save time or work hard with each post manually.

But, perhaps, it is worth looking at the issue from the other side and thinking about quality and appearance of content.

After all, many users often forget about how diverse content can be, how many interesting apps may assist in making visual content brighter and more interesting, and many other issues related to posts on social media.

Actually, we’ve considered various topics related to the increase of reach before. If you want to dive into this topic and study it in details, take care of your content and pay attention to the following issues:

All these topics clearly demonstrate how to achieve the ideal state of your content on social media. Hopefully, knowing them, you will not seek the guilty and the reasons for reducing reach.

Enjoy your posting and do not be afraid to try a third party app!

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