Google Plus is here.

With more than 150 million active users and an incredible potential for SEO, Google Plus is a social media network you cannot simply ignore.

In 2014, Google Plus was ranked as the third popular social media network. And even if it isn’t as popular as Twitter or Facebook, it is undeniable that publishing content to Google Plus affects you search engine rankings in a positive way.

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So what for can you use Google Plus Business Page?

Firstly, you can use this social media network to improve your website position in Google by adding unique optimized content to your Google Plus Business Page.

Secondly, Google Business Pages are a great way to run your Relationship marketing. On you Google Plus Page for Business you can hold webinars and connect with your followers with the help of Google Hangouts.

What’s more, a Google Page for Business is not only yet another tool to manage, but also a powerful instrument to segment an audience and drive highly relevant traffic to your website.

And of course, you can integrate your Google business profile with YouTube to use both platforms at full strength and generate leads.

Sounds awesome! That is why today we are thrilled to announce our social media management tool KUKU.io now is partnering with Google Plus to make it simple to schedule and publish content to Google Plus Business Page and manage it together with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, Telegram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, and OK.ru.


Google Plus Business Page support? What do you have for me?

In KUKU.io, we have both social media management tools and social media analytics tools available for 10 social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, and other. But we were a little bit impatient :). Today we launched Google plus business pages support that allows you to:

  • Create awesome posts adding up to 10 images, hashtags, link previews, etc.
  • Schedule posts on Google Plus with the help of a beautiful calendar and post to multiple social media networks at once
  • Add Google+ pages to channels and predefine a posting schedule

Google Plus page Analytics, Like and Repost feature, and other features will be available for Google+ in the near updates!

google plus support kuku.io

How do I connect Google Plus Page to KUKU.io?

There is nothing simpler than connecting your Google Plus Page to KUKU.io. Just click the Plus button on your dashboard and choose the Google+ card.

How do I get my business on Google? How to create a google plus business account? How to create a business page on Google Plus? – learn here

Once the requested rights are given, you will see all the pages you can connect to KUKU.io. Just click on them and press the connect button:

connect google plus to kuku.io

Cool! If you need to connect other pages to the application, just click the Google Plus card once again and choose another Google Plus profile that owns a page.

Once your Goolge Plus Page is connected, you can select a page to create a post or add them to your channels (you are here to manage multiple social media accounts at once, aren’t you? 🙂 ):

post to google post

By the way, for a channel, you can also choose a posting time zone and create a posting schedule. Each time you create a new post and choose a channel to post to, the closest available time will be offered you automatically.

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How to I schedule posts on Google Plus with KUKU.io?

Your Google Plus page is connected, and now you are ready to start creating your posts. Choose accounts or a channel you want to post to, after which add content to the text field.

If you want to add images to your post, click the button at the bottom left. Here you can upload images from your device, using a link, or, if you added a link preview, choose from the suggested images from the web page you are going to share.

social media images goole plus

Now you can schedule it with the help of our calendar. If there are any posts scheduled for this date, you will see a tiny green circle on it.

Due to high social network requirements to content you post, we understand that the content you post to multiple social media networks cannot be the same. That’s why once the post is created, you can edit a message / images / posting time / preview for each social media network you’re going to post to. Just click the “Differentiate content” button:

adapt content google plus

Schedule it! At the right time, the post will appear on your Google Plus Page:

google plus kuku.io

By the way, it’s not a single way to create and schedule a post on Google Plus. Install a Chrome extension of KUKU.io. When you find an article or webpage you want to share with your team, click on the KUKU.io icon. A short description and link preview will be offed automatically, and all you have to do is to add images, choose a time to post and click “Schedule”.

Just like in the app, you can adapt content for each network.

Here is how Google chrome extension of KUKU.io works:

Note: you can find more tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

Post on Google Plus with KUKU.io … and let’s connect!

We could not be happier to have become Google Plus Partners and given our users a possibility to share their content on this social media network.

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By the way, KUKU.io is already here, so let’s connect: https://plus.google.com/+KukuIo/

We can’t wait to receive your feedback, thoughts, ideas or just chat to you! Please feel free to drop us a line here, use a live chat, social media or email us to: support@kuku.io.

We’re tracking your comments everywhere and always happy to chat. 🙂

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