Marketers try to increase their presence on the top social networks for business. You can also be more active on social networks and use all their opportunities to accelerate your brand’s awareness. However, not all social networking platforms for business will work for you.

Today you do not need to spend a lot of time on working with social media platforms. Even if you have to manage multiple Facebook accounts or post your content on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ at once.

If you want to promote your architectural office, attract attention to your barbershop or increase the audience of your veterinary clinic, – do not be hurry choosing any social network for businesses. It is important to choose social network that will work specifically on your goals and prospects.

How to find the benefits of social networking for business?

Do you know where your target audience is? And what pros and cons of social networking for business can you use to attract its attention?

KUKU.io best ways manage social networking for business

Facebook: social media networking with KUKU.io

Social networks for business: Facebook

If you want to try the largest social networking for business, Facebook is the best choice, without any doubts. A majority of your potential customers are likely to have Facebook accounts if they surf Internet. A large number of users causes a serious competition between entrepreneurs. Therefore, in order not to come up the loser in this fight, be ready to work hard!

What should you do to find Facebook benefits for your business?

  1. Create a page for your company. Build a brand, not your company’s news feed!
  2. Share behind-the-scenes photos. Show how great a team is, which is standing behind the product. If you don’t show behind-the-scenes photos or videos on your Facebook page, you are anonymous. Just like your product.
  3. Test CTA and content. How expensive A/B test right on a landing page? Facebook allows you to reduce expenses and create a Call to Action button on the bottom right of your Facebook page header. There is no common rule on how to create a clickable CTA button for your business. Does “Buy now” work better than “Try out”? Use CTA button on your Facebook page to easily test it.
  4. Interact with clients and partners. Communicate and comment, encourage your clients and partners join discussions to make your brand noticeable and increase an engagement. Take advantage of a free cross-promotion. Any pages you like with your own page can be displayed on the left hand side as vertical tab, and vice versa.
  5. Run contests. Entertaining, it is one of the reasons why people spend so much time on Facebook. Run a contest (either with some valuable prizes for participants or just for fun) to keep your followers entertained and attract new people to your page.

Twitter: social media networking with KUKU.io

Social networks for business: Twitter

Twitter is the next top player of the list of social networking for your business. Due to the limitation of 140 tweets, it has become much easier to get news from all over the world. Twitter is perfect to raise awareness for your brand.

What should you do to find out Twitter benefits for your business?

  1. Present and build a brand. Twitter is the fastest way to help people know about your brand, and let your potential clients learn a whole history of your brand in a few minutes. It is important that your Twitter profile has the same look and feel as your online page or tool. Make people identify your business easily.
  1. Communicate with those who mention your brand. Thank people for mentioning your brand and react on their positive and negative reviews. Your product should be more than just a product, it’s a team that do really care about its customers.
  1. Drive traffic to your website and blog. The limitation of 140 characters is not a disadvantage of Twitter, it’s the greatest advantage over other social media networks. Twitter encourages you to create a tweet around a link, writing a message that compels people to click to learn more.
  1. Connect your online presence. Once you have Twitter rolling along, it’s time to integrate it into your overall online business presence. You can do it by integrating a Follow button to your website or blog, a Share button to make it easy for people to share, and a timeline of your Twitter messages to share your Twitter conversations with your website visitors, getting double exposure from the same effort.

Expand your audience with hashtags. Most people’s Twitter experience is limited to the people they follow. It’s always a good idea to keep looking for new, fresh voices to follow to keep expanding your online conversations.

LinkedIn: social media networking with KUKU.io

Social networks for business: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social media networking for business. LinkedIn is perfect for a B2B lead generation; its conversion rate is almost three times higher than both Twitter’s and Facebook’s. The conversion rate of LinkedIn stood at 2.74%, dwarfing Facebook’s 0.77% and Twitter’s 0.69%.

What should you do to find out LinkedIn benefits for your business?

  1. Create a page for your company. Just like in Facebook, build a brand, not just a news feed. Make your LinkedIn profile look like your online page or tool to help prospects identify your business.
  1. Differentiate content for LinkedIn. Try to think of your company page as a discussion forum rather than an advertising platform. While you can (and should) post company news, this isn’t a direct sales channel. It’s a place for industry talk and thought-leadership content.
  1. Create showcase pages for individual products. Use Showcase pages to highlight certain brands or product lines and customize your message for different segments of your audience. Let your followers receive information, topics and products they are interested in.

Find highly targeted customers and connections. The targeting on LinkedIn is unparalleled in the realm of digital advertising. Small businesses can zero in on the exact industry, company size and job role [of the people] that they know typically would buy their product or service. For example, if you are selling customer support software to small businesses in the United States, you can set your advertising campaigns to only be showing to businesses [that are] under 100 employees, based in America — and within that grouping, only to executives at those companies with a customer-support title. — Tim Peters, director of marketing, IntelliResponse 

Tumblr: social media networking with KUKU.io

Social networks for business: Tumblr

Tumblr is a social media network with upwards of 300 million unique visitors every month. We’re pretty sure you would love to market on it. A Tumblr’s user is more interested in sharing great content than creating it, and here is a reason why this microblogging platform is so popular with both marketers and social media fans.

What should you do to find LinkedIn benefits for your business?

  1. Humor + Promotion = <3. To get the highest possible engagement and virality on Tumblr, avoid publishing links. Create awesome GIFs, memes and images that tie in with the articles you want to publicize. Add an element of humor or entertainment to make sure the Tumblr’s audience will reblog your content and spread it. It’s all about fun!   No, it’s not.  
  1. Know your audience. Study your target audience and create content that appeals specifically to Tumblr users. Carefully customized posts go viral and gather hundreds of thousands of reblogs.
  1. Follow, “like” and reblog. In either Tumblr, or Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn, or any other social net, listening and curating are key to engaging your followers. Track who is mentioning your brand, know who published the most important and engaging content around you brand… and dive into communication.

Social media networking for business

Have you already chosen the best social network for business?

Now you can choose the right social networks for business to focus on that can really help your brand and business.

Remember that work with different social media channels and KUKU.io tools will increase your productivity and total results.

What other social networking benefits for business do you know? What is your favorite platform?

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