Managing Instagram accounts takes detailed planning and consideration. As any other social media Instagram requires some efforts and creative skills.

It’s not enough to choose and post an attractive image. You should be well aware of your specific target audience with its preferences and get a clear social media strategy and social media content calendar.

Instagram popularity is growing fast. The more attention you pay to your Instagram strategy, the more chances you’ll have in creating maximum engagement and learn how to hack Instagram followers.

Instagram users apply different tactics and secrets to promote their accounts, for example, hashtags or links. Besides, every Instagramer may try the latest updates and new options, such as live video broadcast or Instagram banners that also help in managing this social media.

In this article, we’d like to highlight one more strategic factor for Instagram success – time for posting.

So if you know why you need Instagram and what exactly you will post, one more important issue – when to post – requires your special attention.

The best time of the day to post on Instagram

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

According to the research made by Latergramme the best times to post on Instagram is 5 p.m. EST. This is not the only ideal time, but most of the Instagram fans prefer to post between 5 and 9 p.m. You should pay attention to this evening period if you want to attract the attention of your audience. The worst time is 9 a.m.

Why 5 p.m.?

Posting on Instagram between 5 and 9 p.m. is quite a good time for involving users who are surfing on Instagram at the end of the working day before they leave home. In addition, not so many people are posting at that time so the more engaged users can be attracted.

When it is better to post on Instagram? KUKU.io tips

Different researches propose to pay attention to each day of the week, breaking down the best times for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and so on. But on the average the engagement is highest between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. On Friday, 7-8 p.m. are the most sweet hours.

Wednesday was mentioned as the best day of the week to publish on Instagram.

The best Week days for posting on Instagram

Experiment with the best time to post on Instagram

Instagrammers suggest to avoid posting at 3 p.m. Weekdays between 2 and 4 pm are connected with the lowest engagement, just because most of the users are busy at work at that time. But you can test this time to clarify and see your own results. Maybe you are an exception.

How to find your best time of the day to post to Instagram?

Every successful Instagram blogger will tell you: when and how often to post your content are the issues that can be the reason of your success or a failure on Instagram.

KUKU.io is able to friendly assist in finding your best time to post on Instagram:

  • Create your KUKU.io account and add Instagram
  • Open the analytics section for your account
  • Sort out your posts according to the most popular. Pay attention to likes and comments.

How to find the best time of the day to make Insta posts?

Post consistently with KUKU.io

Most of the famous successful brands prefer to post 1-2 times a day on Instagram. And it brings the results.

KUKU.io helps to post consistently on Instagram with the help of reminders. Nothing difficult, just use the following steps for scheduling Instagram posts:

  • Install KUKU.io on your Android device. Connect the web and Android apps with each other.
  • Add your image to KUKU.io with all needed hashtags and emoji.
  • Schedule your ideal time.
  • Receive a notification from KUKU.io app at the scheduled time and open your content on Instagram. Your image will be loaded into Instagram. Just add some final edits using appropriate filters, add geolocation if needed and that’s it.

Posting on Instagram

If you’ve found the best period for posting on Instagram, it’s a high time to think about the types of content for the specific time. Do not think that the same time of a day or a week appropriates for any kinds of publications.

You can divide your planned Instagram posts according to the days of the week and visualize them using the helpful content plan. This will help you not to lose important posts and clearly distribute them, placing important accents.

Contant plan for the best posting on Instagram

Using this calendar plan, you will quickly understand what day of the week is the best one for a certain type of posts.

Types of content and the best time to post on Instagram

For example, if you are promoting a serious business product or a service, Friday is not the best time to post analytics and figures. This day is pretty good for simple and easy information, jokes and funny content.

Let’s have a look what kind of content is better to post within a week.

A good example of successful posting can be found in a content plan of a company, working with many clients. Such brands are constantly concerned about new Instagram followers and popularity. Sports centers and fitness clubs are good for such analysis. Let’s look at Instagram content and how it can look on the example of one of the famous sports club.


Monday is the day when customers begin a working week. They are not ready for thorough and difficult information. The best way to attract their attention is to use bright attractive pictures, useful tips or a motivational text. It’s possible to start the week with new plans and goals.

Instagram posting on Monday, KUKU.io review


Complex tasks and long-term business issues are good for Tuesday. Clients are focused on their business. They will not pay attention to the important fitness club’s information this day. Therefore, the person responsible for the posting on Instagram can publicate any common information, statistics, sports regulations and other evergreen content on Tuesday.


The middle of the week in many companies is the time for publications with internal information and issues related to businesses, brands, products or services.

It’s pretty good time to tell your customers on Instagram about new brand proposals, to attract their attention with short video or even live video broadcasts (in the case of the fitness club – to hold a live open training online).

The best Instagram contant to post on Wednesday

In addition, in the middle of the week, you can cover the issues related to corporate social responsibility, to show customers that your care about the topical issues and offer assistance.

Instagram posts for Wednesday


Thursday is the great day to publish clients’ stories or to demonstrate their opinions. It’s rather important for any audience to get a real feedback from a simple client. Most brands on Instagram use this trick to obtain successful results.

The best content to post on Thursday


If you have some funny and informal content from your company’s life or just a wonderful joke, then Friday’s evening should be the best time to post such content. Your Instagram followers will appreciate these simple and funny posts on the eve of weekends.

The best Instagram Friday posts

Weekends are also good to post on Instagram

And if you have energy and desire to post on weekends, your Saturday post also may look like something humorous.

The best days for posting on Instagram

One more important thing about posting on Instagram

If you manage an Instagram account for a large multinational audience, do not forget about time zones. Your followers can be located in the PST, EST or GMT time zones. You should choose the option to satisfy every region.

KUKU.io scheduling abilities and time zones options are able to help you with finding the best time to post on Instagram.

You can detect time zones automatically or choose the option that you need.

KUKU.io opportunities for posting on Instagram

Time zones and the best time to post on Instagram

As you can see, Instagram timing and scheduling should be the solid part of your global social media strategy and the way to business success.

We hope that this article will motivate every Instagram user and cover all unclear issues concerning posting on Instagram. If you have your own posting experience and special timing tips, please add them in the comments section.

Posting on Instagram

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