The aim of any marketing campaign in social nets is to draw attention of the greatest possible amount of readers by sharing high-quality content. But what is the best time to schedule social media posts so that followers can notice your content most quickly? Don’t worry, all the statistical information has been already gathered for you. There is a huge variety of sources, and each can provide a different information on the best time for posting. To simplify a searching process for you, we have put together the most useful information available on the web in this article.

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The best days for posting

Let’s start with the best days of a week for sharing your content on your social nets manually or using KUKU.io. The time when the post is published is crucial for any marketing campaign. When are your posts likely to be noticed and shared among such popular social nets as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? We have created a weekly timeline for you, which shows the most advantageous days to make your publication:

KUKU.io best app for multiple social media accounts

It’s easy to see that people use Twitter mainly on weekdays. LinkedIn is designed specifically for the business community, and here is a reason why the highest engagement rates are during weekdays too. Facebook users engage with any content mostly on Thursday and Friday (some stats say the engagement rates are 18% higher).

The best time for posting

Okay, we have figured out, which days of the week are the most advantageous for sharing posts on your social media networks. To run an effective marketing campaign in social nets, you have to know not only the best days, but also the best time of a day to post.

KUKU.io the best hours to publish

Are you surprised with the “prime time” for the social networks? You shouldn’t, creating campaigns within these time frames will help you schedule and send your posts in the most effective way.

Here are interesting stats:

  • 119% of users are likely to use Twitter during their work or school hours.
  • Retweets are observed to be the highest around 5 PM.
  • When we speak about Facebook, the most suitable time to post is an early afternoon (any time after dinner) and early morning (before the working hours).

It turned out finding the optimal time for scheduling post is not so hard, right? Hope this article helped you to find the right time for sharing awesome content with your audience.

And remember, KUKU.io can help you quickly and easily spread out your posts at the optimal times!

Hey, enjoy the rest of your day!

– KUKU team

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