Instagram like other social networks constantly struggles for quality posting and acts against spam and violation of the rules.

If you ignore some rules, you can lose your account. Sometimes, account can be blocked due to the reasons beyond the control of users. On Instagram, you can get ban accidentally.

How to avoid blocking an Instagram account and keep up the reputation of a bona fide user? Let’s dive in.

To ban or not to ban

The decision about blocking is not accepted by Instagram occasionally. There are some crucial reasons.

We recommend to save this material and keep it in mind just to never face this problem. A full list of potential reasons for banned Instagram photos and recommendations to avoid them are contained in the Instagram Terms of use. Let’s review the main ones.

Temporary blocking on Instagram

Account can be temporarily banned from Instagram because of the systematic use of certain functions. For example, if you follow too much or like too many users then these are the reasons for Instagram to break up your extreme activity.

Temporary blocking can last several hours, days or weeks. It is not recommended to give more than 60 likes in an hour and follow more than 60 accounts in the same period.

Constant blocking. Why Instagram bans

Here are the basic rules for everyone who deal with Instagram.

By the way, you can get an account on this social network if you’re at least 13. So, here they are – the main sins and reasons for banning on Instagram (actually, 98% of users were blocked because of them):

     1. Insta logo. The social network forbids using it in any form on your images.

Why Instagarm blocks users

     2. Violence, porn and partial nudity. This point does not surprise anyone. However, for some athletes and performers, lack of clothes is the way of life and working appearance. Better use creative elements, such as live video broadcasts or Instagram picture grids.

What should we do to avoid blocking on Instagram?

     3. Photos of other people. Publishing other people’s images without mentioning them can also be the cause for the account to be closed. In order to mention a person in your picture, use @ symbol before the name. For example, @kukupost.

     4. Autoposting through third-party services. Instagram forbids any services to post, because they keep logins and passwords, which is unsafe for users. However, there is a legal way to use SMM-services offering posting through notifications. KUKU.io app will send notification about the planned posts. A few seconds and your post is ready! To create scheduled post for instagram, you only need to synchronize your web and Android apps with each other.

Schedule your Instagram post with KUKU.io

     5. Increasing the number of bots. The quick grow of account’s popularity is a signal for Instagram to ban.

     6. Confidential info about other people (credit card numbers, passport details, phone numbers or e-mails, etc.)

     7. Using multiple IP addresses at once. If several people from different cities are active with your account.

     8. Instagram accounts created with the help of other services.

     9. Three temporary blocks will lead to a permanent ban.

Forever banned on Instagram

Instagram has blocked my account, so what should I do?

Some time ago, a blocked user could not return his/her account. The only way returning to the network was to create a new page. Now Instagram is being improved and today communication with the support team brings results: an account can get the second life.

Censorship and famous Instagram banning stories

Do you remember the famous story about banning visible nipples on Instagram and a hashtag #freethenipple? There was the wave of protest because if the nipples belong to women, they are prohibited to be shown on Instagram. But if someone posts a picture with man’s nipples – then it’s all right.

That’s why Instagram accounts of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna or Naomi Campbell are always threatened to be banned.

Instagram ban and the ways to avoid it

By the way, there were many cases when Instagram blocked celebrities’ accounts. For example, the leader of System of a Down, Serj Tankian.

We hope that you’ve learned the rules of using Instagram and will not know what it means to be banned.

Losing your account can be a real problem. Use high-quality content, follow the rules, analyze your results with the help of SMM analytical tools and get a lot of new followers and likes!

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