LinkedIn and Instagram Have Reached Their Historical High

Posted by, Pavel Kukhnavets
on April 28, 2017
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This month has become extremely productive for some social networks. Everything wakes up in spring and social media developers also try to surprise their users and reach new heights.

Facebook has successfully held its annual F8 conference, where many interesting updates and innovations were presented, including VR version – Facebook Spaces. Besides, in April 2 social networks announced a new historic maximum in the number of users.

LinkedIn hits 500 million users

LinkedIn developers have recently announced the important achievement: the number of users of this social network has exceeded 500 million people.

At the end of 2015, the audience of the service for establishing business contacts was just over 400 million registered users. Today more than 9 million companies use LinkedIn. Its users have access to more than 10 million job ads. (By the way, this year the Facebook job search option became available).

LinkedIn new record: 500 mln. users

Recently, the LinkedIn administration introduced new desktop version that allows making promotion on LinkedIn more efficient. Last summer LinkedIn was acquired by Microsoft.

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How to analyze LinkedIn pages with KUKU.io

One more record was announced by Instagram.

Instagram reaches 700 million users

This is the fastest-ever growth rate on this social network. This is obvious: visual content is very popular today.

700 mln. users on Instagram, KUKU.io review

100 million more users were added in just four months.

The company explains that it was achieved because of simplifying the sign-up process and making it easier to find friends on Instagram.

As of April, more than 200 million people used Instagram Stories per day. Isn’t it an impressive statistics?

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