If you manage your own account on Instagram, you probably know that not only people but also animals can be popular there.

The authors of pets’ accounts exactly know how to draw attention to their pictures. It’s amazing, but sometimes an ordinary cat may become the real Instagram influencer for other social media users. Oh, this world’s gone mad!

Here are the most charming accounts of 10 Instagram animals and birds that know exactly what popularity is. Would you like to follow them?

Pigeon Miu in pants

This bird has received its account on Instagram thanks to Palomacy charitable organization. The company saves pigeons that cannot survive in the wild nature. Miu is one of these birds. In fact, the owners use special diapers to avoid the frequent cleaning.

popular Instagram accounts with animals

Goats of Anarchy

Actually, this is the family of goats where all the members are fond of hanging out with other animals on the street. The account was named in the honor of the favorite show’s characters.

Pets on Instagram, KUKU.io review


Noelaniig lives with 6 fabulous pit bulls. She has a child but it seems like the dogs also need special care.

Instagram animals with popular accounts


Some time ago a Russian girl Olga moved to NY City and got two charming red poodles Pumpkin and Sunshine. In 2012, her daughter made an account on Instagram for them. Since then the pets have gained incredible popularity.

How animals attract followers on Instagram


This is the account of a small domestic guinea pig Priscilla and her brother Poppleton. They live together with a family and have more outfits than the most beautiful girl you know.

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This capybara (guinea pig) lives in Las Vegas and travels across America by car with its owner.

Capybara's page on Instagram


This is definitely the most popular cat on Instagram. Big blue eyes and a good sense of humor are the secrets of this account’s popularity.

Cats and dogs on Instagram

Cat Otisanjr

This white cat looks special – it is a dwarf. It looks unusual, but the account is attractive for 82.6 thousands of followers.

Animals that use social media


A cat named Venus. The half of its muzzle is absolutely black when the other one is red. Isn’t it magic?

Popular cats of Instagram, KUKU.io review

City turtles

Two red-eared turtles were born in 2013 and since that time have led a loaded life in New York.

Instagram accounts with pets, KUKU.io review

Were you amazed and entertained?

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