Only qualitative analysis leads to the correct conclusions. We are thinking about it 24 hours a day and now happy to announce the large-scale updates in KUKU.io analytics.

We’ve set an ambitious objective to create great analytics that will not yield to analytical capabilities of any competitive SMM-service. So if you’ve created your content plan and studied how to schedule Instagram posts and other social media publications or how to manage LinkedIn company page, it’s high time to get new opportunities for analysis of your results.

New analytics for social media

In order to take the advantage of the best social media analytics tools, make sure to carry through the following steps:

  1. Click on Analytics in the menu.

New KUKU.io analytics

  1. Choose your account you want to analyze.

How to apply new KUKU.io analytics?

      3. Select the appropriate period of analysis: a week, two weeks, a month, or manually set the time. Now you can choose a period of up to 2 months. To do this, just find the column “Period” and select the start and end of your desired period.

New KUKU.io analytics for social media

  1. Try new analytical options for social media

We have received valuable feedback from you and have tried to highlight and optimize the most urgent issues.

We realize how important it is to get analytics of posts. That’s why now you can get the total analytical system for separate publications.

Filters for posts and content testing

The “Posts” tab contains and analyzes ALL your posts, even those publications that were created without KUKU.io.

Now you can sort your posts using a helpful filter for:

  • tags
  • clicks
  • comments
  • reposts
  • engagement rate (which is calculated as all interactions / the number of publications).

How to use KUKU.io analytics for social networks?

It will assist you to find the posts that are more admirable for your followers. However, first, it’s better to recollect how to create a content plan from scratch and make a content analysis.

Do you use tags in your content plan?

One of the most resistant rules on social networks is to divide content according to tags.

When you work on your content plan, it’s rather important not just to combine all the topics for your future posts, but to sort them logically: “News”, “Best practice”, “Trends”, etc.

Sort by tags option, KUKU.io analytics

The reason is clear: to avoid the topics that won’t be interesting for anyone. So, if you’ve tested the tags in the application, you will find it interesting to see how they work.

Take a look on how KUKU.io filter sorts posts by tags:

Analyzw your social media with KUKU.io

The same way you can sort your social media posts by likes, comments, reports, and engagement rate.

Search by text

Sometimes it’s not easy to recollect when and where you’ve posted your publication. Now you can use the analytics and find it by a piece of text (if you remember what you wrote about).

Search by text option, KUKU.io

Advertising posts

Do not forget that you can mark commercial publications only in Vkontakte. So, you can get analytics for them if you have VK-account.

New KUKU.io analytics

More changes and updates

As it was mentioned above, analytics for social media will be changing and updating. We will work on new schedule capabilities, navigation system and general convenience.

Analyze your socail media
We are open to your feedback and if you have any ideas on how to improve KUKU.io analytics, please write us.  

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