Nowadays you can find a wide range of White label social media marketing solutions, but I prefer to highlight the most user-friendly and visually attractive tools. Among them you can find software for social media management, analytics, listening, advertising, reporting, reputation management.
Let’s start.

Social media listening tools


Among the variety of social listening tools, I can admit Mention as the easiest one. It is a vital tool for social media marketing and PR. It helps people to track mentions, discussions, find influencers, competitors across Twitter, Web, blogs, Facebook, forums, videos, images, news.

White label options in Mention

Mention offers customizable social media reports. Learn more about branded reports and other features in Mention: https://mention.com/en/enterprise/


Rankur offers a wide range of different options for reputation management. It monitors reviews on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and Linkedin, Web (forums, blogs, news). Also with Rankur users can schedule posts and respond to customers and prospects via the tool.

Rankur monitors demographics: gender, age, geolocation and more. Users can design their own live dashboards and reports.

White label opportunities in Rankur

A White label Rankur offer includes social media and web listening tools, data analytics, reports, email alerts and custom-tailored dashboards for a certain fix-fee.
More about Rankur White label: https://rankur.com/white-label-social-media-monitoring-tool.html

Social media posting software


What features are essential for social media management tools? The number of officially supported social networks, user-friendly interface, stability of posting are among of the most popular.

KUKU.io users can connect up to 10 social networks, including Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. and do not be afraid of a ban. The posting tool allows to create content for all social networks in one window, group accounts into channels, republish old content and make cross-promo campaigns between users’ accounts.

KUKU.io tracks your social media activity and counts all engagement metrics, such as likes, shares, clicks, reach, followers growth. Users can filter results and monitor both the performance of social marketing and the team results.

KUKU.io White label options include:

  • Integration with company user’s API
  • Branded emails, notifications, login page and app
  • Full technical and customer support and help

You can learn more here: https://kuku.io/white-label

Social media reporting and analytics

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is a huge multifunctional tool. It provides social media analytics and reporting. It’s connected to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin – the most popular social networks.

Agency Analytics allows to track engagement, audience demographics, paid and organic metrics and to add all these charts to your own branded reports (logo, colors, and links).

Agency Analytics White Label social media features

Users can customize dashboards and reports by adding their logos, branding, colors, and can host Agency Analytics dashboards on their own domains.

More about White label: https://agencyanalytics.com/feature/social-media-reporting-tool


One more useful social media reporting tool is Dashthis. This tool allows users to work with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin, Instagram and Google+. They can add ads data and information from any other non-social platform such as Search Metrics, Moz, Bing and etc. to the report.

White Label reporting by Dashthis

In Dashthis users can add your logo, comments and change almost everything on a dashboard. New widgets can be added as well as custom design. More about: https://dashthis.com/social-media-reporting-tools/


Cyfe provides various solutions for business: social media, SEO, marketing, web analytics, finance, project management solutions. 

Cyfe’s social media dashboard helps users to monitor Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest, Vimeo. It collects information about likes, funs, engagement, most performing posts.

Users can manage social media content with Cyfe across major social networks.

More about Cyfe white label

Cyfe collects dashboards to help clients monitor all information in one tool: data from Google Analytics, Salesforce, AdSense, Amazon, Facebook, MailChimp and other platforms. Users can customize the account with their logos.

More information about Cyfe White Label you can find here: https://www.cyfe.com/whitelabel

Social media advertising software


DigitalMaas is a complex tool for SEO, SEM and social media advertising. Users can perform the examination for their website and after that improve the results with the help of DigitalMaas. Social media module includes custom targeted campaigns, split and performance tests.

Learn more about DigitalMaas reseller program

DigitalMaas offers to resell SEO, SEM and social media modules. You can add a logo and get technical support to grow business with White label.

More: https://www.digitalmaas.com/resellers/


White label is a great way to grow your advertising or marketing agency and to save resources on development. Ready-made solutions are tested by a lot of users and often have scalable pricing model which allows you to test new features on your real user base.

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