Are you able to list 5 most crucial qualities of any marketer? Will your list include sagacity, by the way?

Just think about it, because modern technologies and innovations develop fast that’s why we should always be in the loop and keep track everything around.

How to create a bombshell out of any information noise and get benefits? 

I have recently shared 3 fresh examples of situational marketing.  And since September is round the corner and interesting events and dates are coming – let’s try to figure out how situational marketing and evergreen content can be used to benefit brands. Got your popcorn? So here I go.

Situational marketing is about the sagacity of a marketer. It’s also a brand’s response to any social event relevant for a mass audience. The global idea of using such an information is to draw attention to a product or service, create a viral effect and sell it.

Social media content ideas for September

Many brands prepare situational content in advance for special dates and calendar events.

It’s not a secret that the most famous holidays in a calendar are an excellent occasion for brands to get closer to their audience.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Audi released a promo video titled “Daughter” specifically for Super Bowl. And as we know, this event attracts millions of people.

In his video the company drew attention to the gender issues and equality, telling the story of a father and his daughter. A hashtag #DrivePogress helped to promote adv campaign on social networks.

Brands and situational content

It may seem that not every date will be suitable for each brand but if you open a calendar with events, you will find a lot of interesting things.

So, if you do not know how to surprise your audience this September, you have 30 reasons to figure it out. And again, do not think that these ideas are only for entertaining and serving business.

Switch on your fantasy – your followers will appreciate it for sure.

Anything but ordinary: 30 ideas for situational marketing in September

September 1  — Knowledge Day in Russia. In 1951, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand signed a mutual defense pact, the ANZUS treaty.

September 2  — Democracy Day in Tibet and Keanu Reeves birthday

September 3  — Flag Day in Australia. In 1971, Qatar became an independent state.

September 4  — Google was founded. In 1981, the famous American singer and actress Beyonce was born.

September 5  — a sad date: in 1981, the first death of an Asian resident from AIDS was recorded.

September 6  — National Coffee Ice Cream Day in the USA.

September 7  — Independence Day in Brazil. In the USA  — National Beer Lovers Day.

September 8  — World Physical Therapy Day. In 1989, Avicii, Swedish electronic musician was born.

September 9  — International Beauty Day and the date of birth of the famous Russian author, Leo Tolstoy. It’s high time to read War and Peace.

September content on social media

September 10  — Teachers’ Day in China and World Suicide Prevention Day.

September 11  — people pray for the victims of terrorists attack.

September 12  — National Day of Encouragement in the United States.

September 13  — International Chocolate Day.

Situational marketing on social networks

September 14  — Amy Winehouse birthday.

September 15  — International Democracy Day.

September 16  — In 1977, the legendary Maria Callas, Greek operatic soprano was born.

September 17  — Constitution Day in the United States. Jon Walker, American singer, and guitarist was born.

September 18  — The first “New York Times” article was published. International Read an eBook Day.

September 19  — International Pirates Day. The first cartoon with Mickey Mouse was released.

September 20  — Universal Children’s Day in Germany.

September 21  — International Day of Peace.

September 22  — International Day of Elephants protection and World Car-free Day.

September 23  — the World celebrates International Bisexuality Day.

September 24  — National Punctuation Day in the USA. In 1948, the Honda Motor Company was founded.

September 25  — Will Smith birthday.

September 26  — National Good Neighbour Day in the USA. Serena Williams was born in 1981.

September 27  — International Tourism Day.

International tourism day, KUKU.io review

September 28  — International Right to Know Day.

September 29  — World Heart Day.

September 30 — International Translation Day. Monica Bellucci birthday.

Has this dates list inspired you? Share your ideas with situational marketing and always stay relevant. It’s worth doing. And do not forget to use KUKU.io social media analytics to track how your posts with situational content work.

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