Any off-season in business can be sensitively felt by customers and staff. This is especially evident when warm summer is replaced by fresh autumn with its intensive plans to catch up everything until the end of the year.

I can suggest that many users of visual social networks have already prepared colorful photos of nature from the folder “Autumn” and are probably thinking over the sad hashtags #byesummer #nocold #waitsummer, and so on.

However, the summer-autumn period often brings positive changes in business. Social media target audience and employees of companies are full of energy after vacations, they think about the last quarter of the year and have new ideas. On social networks, vacation pictures with the sea, the sun, and mountains free the way to the new strategic content and revised goals.

Autumn is not the reason for sadness. It’s a great time to reboot and start social media marketing with a new approach and interesting ideas for your business. This material is about 15 ideas for their implementation.

Extend the summer and add colors

Begin the resistance of boring and dreary autumn, starting with your personal accounts on social networks. For example, recently Facebook has offered to add a bright background color to texts. Now you may “dilute” the monotonous friends’ feeds with all colors of the rainbow. Your followers will enjoy such an update. The background is applicable only for textual posts.

It’s pretty easy to add any color background to Facebook post: start writing your text and color options will be offered automatically.

How to diversify autumn content

Create a bright GIF for your business page

Visual posts on social networks are much more interesting and effective than just a text. But the lack of an original approach sometimes makes all efforts aimless. Therefore, it is very important to apply new types of visual content and surprise your followers.

One of these options is GIF. You can not find it in feeds often, like pictures and videos. That’s why GIF visuals attract more attention of social media users. Popular sites usually well divide organic traffic with those who apply GIF-format. For example, organic traffic on Facebook for GIF can be 5 times higher than the average coverage of posts.

How to quickly create a GIF for social networks?

You can use a friendly tool to do it, for example, Adobe Spark:

  • First, select pictures for your GIF. Better to use 7-10.
  • Go to the Adobe Spark panel and click on + Video. Select the appropriate template or start creating from scratch, then successively add your photos.

How to create gif for social media

  • Go to the “Themes” menu and define the theme for registration.

Social media gig creator, KUKU.io reiew

  • Follow Layout settings and select one of the suggested options. For example, description with a picture.
  • In the lower right corner of the photo, set the frame rate. 3-5 seconds are recommended for GIF with the description, without description – 2 seconds are enough.
  • Add an icon for the preview. This can be done by clicking on the “+” icon.
  • Your video can be downloaded by clicking on “Share” button in the center of the horizontal menu. Then download it in mpeg4 format.
  • Now the only thing you need is to convert mpeg4 to GIF. You can use Ezgif.com for a quick result.

Gif content on social media

Add evergreen content to the autumn palette

There is no need to invent a bicycle. Evergreen content types have been defined long time ago. They do not lose popularity with time and can attract the attention of your followers whenever you want. It is not difficult to create an evergreen post: “dilute” your information content with an expert list, new products review, your personal experience, the most common mistakes description, archives, an interview, etc. All this will help to stand out your content in the variety of dull autumn posts.

KUKU.io evergreen content on social networks

Discover a new social network

Perhaps you had not enough time to try all popular social networks for your personal purposes or business promotion. Based on opportunities and goals, you can try to create your content on a new network. Nowadays the most popular are visual-oriented social media. For example, a great number of followers use Pinterest for business and increases audience quite successfully.

In addition, every year we can find new niche social media registrations. One of the latest is Amazon Spark. This American social network is developing rapidly, but it provides interesting opportunities only for users with special awards and marks that still need to be earned. However, the effectiveness of the new site has already been appreciated by many bloggers and influencers.

Think about situational marketing

Autumn is the time full of events. You can open a calendar and find interesting dates and events that you can use for various activities with your followers. This situational content may include contests, tests, surveys, discounts, or specially written texts.

Many small businesses on their social networks and blogs use Halloween to communicate with the audience. A restaurant on social groups can share a masterpiece recipe for a pumpkin pie, a nightclub may post a contest for the best Halloween-style costume, a beauty salon may propose discounts for creative hairstyles, and a water park may present free visits to all those who were born on October 31. Fantasy is not limited in this case.

Halloween content on social media

Invite a partner

Activities with partners on social media can gain more effect: double bonuses for contests, unusual cases or joint research will help you reach more audience. Even an ordinary guest post will add variety to your content plan.

Apply analytics

Perhaps you don’t need to change anything and your content is quite a holistic and thoughtful system.

You can understand this only by analyzing the results and comparing them with competitors. You are able to track your followers’ activities with the help of special tools for analytics, which are offered by many SMM-services today. They provide you with full analytics of accounts and individual posts with useful metrics, such as the number of likes, reposts, comments and so on. You can easily find these opportunities in KUKU.io.

KUKU.io social media analytics

Social media analytics

Break the system and start working differently

Stable systems and principles are also defenseless. Social media features and tendencies are changing and developing very quickly. For example, posting time. The best time to post on Instagram is rather discussable but there are some trends. Make your own research and trust the official statistics, which is often proposed by social networks in their blogs. Based on the received data, you will be able to plan a new content plan taking into account the days of your week and hours that are optimal for your posting.

Content calendar for social posting

Remind followers that you’re alive

Your audience can be curious about how you and your colleagues have spent the summer. Actually, Friday is a good day for posting such content. Post an album with summer pictures and propose followers to share their pictures in the comments. This will add informal communication and remind you of a bright summer during the gray autumn days.

Staff summer content

Suggest what you read

A useful book will always help you to develop in any sphere and stay in trend. During the last 8 months of this year, there was written a bunch of interesting and useful professional literature. Share your own choice list-2017, and accompany it with your comments. This will definitely increase your expertise in readers’ eyes.

Choose the most active follower

Find the user who liked, reposted and commented your posts more often this summer. Services for analytics will be also helpful here. Having learned the name of your loyal follower, you can give him/her a nice bonus or reward with a discount.

Give a new life to old content

Sometimes people quickly forget your amazing content. A good way to save interesting publications is to create a thematic e-book on the basis of your popular posts. It will take a while, but it will save your interesting content from being forgotten, and your readers will get well-known info in the new format. If you start working on an e-book in early autumn, you will get an excellent gift for your followers to the new year.

Think about the future

Certainly, it’s too early to sum up the results of the current year, but you can think about forecasts for the next one. Be the first and avoid getting lost in expert forecasts and important recommendations in December. Making such a forecast requires a detailed study of trends and statistics so it will not be possible to compile it quickly anyway.

Try new features

Social networks are experiencing intense competition, and all of them are striving to surprise their users, to facilitate their objects and to diversify opportunities with the help of new features. Are you sure that you offer your followers on social networks everything that you can?

Facebook has recently launched GIF-animations in its app, Tumblr has introduced a “sensitive filter”, Instagram is testing joint live broadcasts, and so on and so forth.

Joint broadcoasts on Instagram

If you do not know, then ask

If your fantasy about managing social networks has exhausted itself, then there is a way to ask followers for advice. You may initiate a survey or ask users to comment your account activity. Perhaps the most active of them will point out weaknesses or offer something interesting and new.

In any case – do not surrender to sorrow and “autumn” mood. I hope that these 15 ideas will help you to create interesting and bright content on social networks that will make three autumn months unforgettable for you and your followers.

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