13 ways to protect business pages on Facebook

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on May 16, 2017
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Creating business profiles on social networks, people sometimes forget that they are responsible for these accounts. Social media managers should remember how to get a lot of followers on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and also how to avoid danger and protect company’s reputation, products or services with the help of social media. Do you track security issues of your accounts and profiles?

If not, be sure to pay attention to this point because today there are many sophisticated methods that allow swindlers to hack into personal accounts and brand pages. Software technologies, viruses, deceptive email requests – all this can cause the loss of control over the management of social media pages. Let’s also remember about the Internet cafes and public places, where you can leave your personal data accidentally.

Unfortunately, nobody can guarantee the total safety of any social media page, it is just impossible. But you can take simple steps to preserve the reputation of your brand and protect it from hacking. Some social networks are able to assist. Here we’d like to define such options on Facebook. You can also use some social media management tools that will help you to analyze your current online situation.

Security on Facebook, KUKU.io review

13 tips that can be helpful for Facebook page security

    1.Create a complicated password

Use unique symbols and do not share them with anyone. Best of all, if the new combination of letters and numbers have never been used before. Today it is difficult to imagine a person who does not use passwords. Social networks, sites, payment cards, and many other resources require unique combinations of numbers. Create a separate file where you will store all your data. This will save you from confusion.

  1. Install quality antivirus

Before creating a profile on social networks, take care of your device’s security. You can install several non-conflicting antivirus programs or apps.

  1. Do not save passwords

Do not save information on your Facebook profile, even on your gadgets. Then no one else will be able to enter your profile.

  1. Add privacy settings to your profile

Some social networks allow you to manage the privacy of pages. For example, on Facebook, you can make your profile completely private or public.

Privacy settings on Facebook, KUKU.io review

  1. Accept only clear and transparent requests

Accept requests from people you know and are sure of. Block offensive or questionable or doubtful requests.

Before you accept the request, make sure that you know the person offline. Sometimes people are not what they seem to be. Do not hesitate to ask a few questions that will allow you to be confident in the request and protect all the information about your company. Avoid suspicious requests, for example, related to financial issues, or coming from people under 18 years.

  1. Track mentions

Google and Yahoo may help to find information about your brand or your corporate email. Facebook and Twitter also offer search options. Tracking such information will help to determine if someone suddenly decides to create a fake account with your data.

  1. Fight against fake accounts

If you find fake profiles or accounts you can report to social media administration. Most of them propose a special form to do this.

How to protect my Facebook page?

  1. Choose appropriate groups

Keep track of the content of groups and communities that you join. One day there can be huge changes that may not suit you or they will negatively impact your company’s reputation.

  1. Post only reliable information for Facebook security

Check all data, especially if you quote the source, or interview an opinion leader. In influencer marketing, any inaccuracy can lead to great problems. You will not delete content when it is reposted.

  1. Constantly work with comments

Even negative feedback can be useful. But sometimes customer reviews are unsafe. Be sure to answer all questions and comment on the issue.

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  1. Delete unnecessary accounts

If you do not need old profiles – delete them. Remember your registration info for each account. If you forget your password, use “Security” or “Help” buttons in the appropriate sections of social media to recover your password.

Check all the images your company was marked on. All photos with your brand, uploaded by other users will remain available after you delete your profile. It is better to ask the authors of the pictures to delete them.

By the way, Twitter and Facebook allow you to make a copy of all information that your profile contains. It’s a good idea to not lose messages, photos and other content before deleting your account.

How to safe Facebook business account?

  1. Turn off geolocation

If the feature is on, any visitor will be able to determine the location where the photos were taken. Geotagging in business can bring a lot of benefits but when thinking about the security of a profile, it’s better to turn it off.

  1. Use secure and trusted apps and SMM-services

Very often, people use various third-party SMM-services to work on Facebook, for example, KUKU.io. It helps to make content posting interesting and simplify marketers’ lives. But the wrong choice can cause troubles. Choose only proven services that will not harm your content.

KUKU.io tips on how to safe Facebook business account

If you apply at least half of these tips, your profile will be protected from external threats. Perhaps you have other ways to protect your page on social networks. Let’s discuss!

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