It’s not an easy thing to come up with bright and unusual content on Instagram. You can just publish what you like, not paying attention to likes and followers growth. By the way, often times such simple pages receive good results on Instagram. But if your goal is to promote a product or service, then it is necessary to approach this issue thoroughly. Your content should be a source of inspiration and the magic wand that will turn new followers into potential clients. (Social media management software will assist you to analyze and track this point).

Do you think you’ve used all possible visual content related to your business? Feel confused about how to amaze followers with new Instagram posts ideas? In this article, we propose to find out new sources of inspiration. Let’s see how qualitative and varied your content on Instagram can be.

Photo stocks for instagramers' inspiration

Besides, the services with original visual content, listed below, will be useful not only for instragmers as an example of inspiration but for all who need to add a beautiful picture to their posts. It’s all about available photo services.

Everyone who has an account knows that many factors are important for success on Instagram, not only qualitative content. It’s rather important to determine the best time to post on Instagram, track comments, use relevant hashtags, new options (live video, new stickers, etc) and of course, be able to analyze content for right conclusions.

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Where to find inspiration to post on Instagram?

Nowadays users can easily find dozens of popular sources that propose thousands of images of different quality and topics. If you’ve never come across such places, here’re 5 popular resources where you can find ideas for things to post on Instagram:

where to find high-quality sources with images

The image from  www.unsplash.com

There is a possibility that photos from these resources have already been used many times. Most often, such resources collect images made by many authors who used different techniques, their own approaches, and stylistic tools.

But if you prefer unique content, then you’ll definitely appreciate the images that describe your content as accurately as possible and they will not be used by competitors.

We’ve marked amazing services of talented photographers and designers among many photos sources. You can use their masterpieces for free but remember that all their images are protected by the Creative Commons License. It means that you need to add a link to the resource when posting.

Well, if you have a lack of good Instagram posts ideas and if you are looking for great references – study the following resources.

5 authors’ services with original photo content


The private service of photographer Jonas Nilsson Lee, where you can find different high-quality and gorgeous pictures. On the main page of his website, the author proposes to use his works completely free of charge to everyone, including commercial purposes.

Pictures that inspire, KUKU.io review

Jai Mantri

A photographer Jay Mantri shares his high-quality images on his own resource. Anyone can use his amazing images without demand.

New photo stocks for inspiration

The image from www.jaymantri.com


One more interesting place for inspiration, the website of a young photograph Jeffrey Betts. The author also warns his followers and guests about the CC license. Jeffrey’s creative arsenal includes the photos of nature, flowers, modern gadgets and technological innovations.

Where can I find original images?

The image from www.mmtstock.com


The site of 24-year-old photographer and designer, who also offers to take advantages of his work. Jan Vasek is fond of shooting innovative gadgets, nature, food, lifestyle events and much more. Here everyone can find photos on any topic.

Beautiful pictures and photo stocks, KUKU.io review

The image from www.jeshoots.com


The final place in our list is occupied by a free service with high-quality pictures made by one more talented photographer and social media marketer. Here you can find groups of photos with different topics: urban life, animals, people, architecture and sculptures, furniture items, etc.

How to find interesting free images online?

The image from www.lockandstockphotos.com

What do you think about these pictures?

We hope many of them will inspire you to create your original photo content on Instagram. If there are a lot of ideas, then what are you waiting for? Begin with a social media content calendar to not lose anything. It is rather convenient to be done with KUKU.io. With its help, you can schedule your posts and images, set certain dates and choose any time zone.

posting on Insrtagram with KUKU.io

Enjoy your posting!

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