Summer heat does not give a chance to relax. People who post a lot on social media are often forced to leave their accounts for some times. But many of you know that summer posting will not be damaged if you use KUKU.io.

Planning your vacation, do not lay your posts aside until autumn. Postponed posting system will do everything for you, while you enjoy your rest.

However, users’ activity does not decrease even in this hot time. KUKU.io is often appreciated for a clear interface and easy functions. With each update, we propose you the new opportunities and solutions for social media posting and analytics. And even the most understandable features sometimes need clarification. In a current variety of applications and tools, you can easily get confused or miss something important.

In order to simplify the first impression and work with KUKU.io posting and analytics, we have created a special space with your frequently asked questions and the answers.

If you do not find the information you need, feel free to contact KUKU.io support.

How to communicate with KUKU.io support?

We constantly analyze all requests and now are going to share the most popular of them, received this summer.

Top-10 most frequently asked questions, received in summer period

  1. How do I connect multiple Instagram accounts?

If you want to connect another Instagram profile, you should open Instagram in your browser, log out and log in your new account and connect it to KUKU.io. You can repeat the same procedure for other accounts.

  1. How do I synchronize my posts with different time zones?

In KUKU.io, you can plan publications on different social networks, setting any time zone on all continents.

So you can control the time of posting in the news feeds of your followers. You can find the feature in Settings.

KUKU.io time zones

  1. What opportunities do I have with the free KUKU.ioa ccount? What are the limits?

the most popular requests from KUKU.io users

  1. How can I schedule my posts?

If you post frequently at about the same time, it is convenient to create a publication schedule. This will allow you to set the desired time for posting automatically instead of manual work.

Choose “Channels”, then select the desired one and click “Edit”. Select “Posting Schedule”. Now you can add, edit and delete the time for your publications in the schedule. You will see the schedule icon under the text window every time you post.

  1. How can I delete unnecessary accounts?

Steps to delete an account in KUKU.io

You can delete a profile, a group or a page by clicking the delete button in Settings. For example, on Facebook:

  • You need to log in to the account you want to delete.
  • Select “Settings” at the top of the screen.
  • Choose “Applications” tab.

How to delete accounts in Facebook

  • Then choose the closing button.

KUKU.io: how to delete accounts

  1. How to get information by clicks in analytics?

You need to use links cut by goo.gl or Ink.al in your posts. Also, your posts should be published from KUKU.io.  

  1. How can I add Telegram channel?

How to add Telegram channel

In KUKU.io, you can share your content with your followers on Telegram channels as well as to other social media networks. Telegram does not allow scheduling posts, but you can use KUKU.io to schedule your publications and share them when you need it.

First of all, you need to create a channel. To create it, just click the button at the right of the search line. In the pop-up window, you will be offered to create a group or a channel. Choose “New Channel” and click “Next”.

The most frequent questins from KUKU.io users for summer-2017

Then you will be offered to write a name, description and set up the main picture. You can also choose whether it will be a Private or Public channel. On the next step, you can invite people from your contact list.

Your channel is ready. Now it is high time to create a bot and connect it to Telegram.

Post on Telegram with KUKU.io                    8. How to combine pages into groups?

If you manage profiles, pages or groups that you use to publish together often, then you can simply group them all into a channel or several channels. Choose “Channels” in Settings, then click on “Create a new channel”.

Add all the necessary profiles, groups and pages, specify the name of the channel and click “Done”.

How to create groups with channels

  1. Where can I change the payment data?

changing paymant data in KUKU.io

  1. Can I quickly find an old post through analytics if I do not remember its date?

You can find such post and track its analytics by clicks or engagement with the option “Search by text”. Just enter the topic of the post or its keywords.

Search by text option in KUKU.io

These were the most popular questions by KUKU.io users in the spring-summer period.

If you are interested in the details of any specific KUKU.io feature or have any questions related to posting and social media analytics, be sure to write to support@kuku.io.

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